Take the Cake

Posted by David A Ludwig
May 05 2019

This past #MenageMonday over at Cara Michael’s site the honorable Monk Hulsey awarded me another win for a flash fiction from my Fantasy Fighter universe about Hazuki Akiyama and Mifuyu Shizuka! I highly recommend swinging by Cara’s site to see the prompts and other entries, but in case all you’re looking for is some more flash from yours truly I’m re-posting that much here.

“What are your intentions toward my granddaughter?”

Hazuki’s grandmother’s eyes narrowed dangerously over her sake cup. The mood in the car shifted as suddenly as the weather. Mifuyu downed her sake without breaking eye contact with her opponent in the front row. Hazuki’s mother threw her head back against the driver’s headrest.


Youko sipped her sake slowly and deliberately, as if she could destroy Mifuyu by the difference in their drinking styles. Someone had suggested this picnic to bury the hatchet; which clearly meant something very different to Mifuyu and the old woman than to Hazuki or Tsukiko.

“How long has this been going on?”

Mifuyu felt her blood rise for the fight and her lips split in an uneven grin. Madness glinted in her eyes.

“It’s the endgame, old woman.” Mifuyu raised her engagement band.

The four had started out on a beautiful day with a clear forecast. This storm roiled up out of nowhere and forced them off the road. Their car’s dome light was now a solitary beacon in roaring darkness. Hazuki’s mother’s eyes widened as her gaze fell on the empty seat next to Mifuyu.

“Where’s Hazuki?”

The three women jumped when the hand thumped against the inside back window, where it dragged a sticky red streak back down into the cargo area. Youko and Mifuyu were stunned into somber silence, so Tsukiko continued.

“See what you two have done? You both knew Hazuki is a stress eater! She’s probably had the entire jelly cake!”

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