Calon Village

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 30 2011

Located high in the southern Viura Mountains on the continent of Yore, Calon is an isolated and self-sufficient village of roughly 100 humans. Only a day’s hike south of the Lost Dragon’s Pass in good conditions, Calon is close to the only major trade-route through the Viura Mountains, but the isolationist mindset of the village means they don’t tend to benefit from that proximity and in fact few who use the pass even know they are so close to any kind of civilization.

Calon has no official military or fighters, instead all able-bodied adults in the village are expected to contribute to its defense against the various monsters in the mountains. Their model of life has endured through generations actually ensuring simple prosperity for those who live there.

The climate is mild in the spring and fall, snowy in the winter and hot in the summer. The people tend to dress practically, and have easy access to a variety of nearby resources from game to ore to plateaus suitable for small-scale cultivation.

Both Vixie Hart and Taecendar Tanner are from Calon Village.

[This is the first of what I intend to be a new Wednesday series detailing locations and characters in Niar Saga, so feel free to throw out where or who you would like to hear about next.]

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