Character Wednesday

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 06 2011

The sole survivor of a prominent Kakarus line of Demon Hunters, driven and sworn to purge all evil from the world or die trying. Andrew’s drive is singular and consuming, lending an intensity to his stoicism that sets him apart from Sheya’s more practical mindset. He wields the heirlooms Banisher and Oracle, relics of the Silver Temple that are together on par with Heaven’s Staff in power.
Brings to the Story – badassness, Andrew is the ass-kicker and shot-taker, he has specialized knowledge of fiends and the Oracle allows him to learn about enemies and situations in advance. Though Sheya can keep pace with him he is still clearly the best.
Brings to the Team – raw combat prowess with an emphasis on offense and physical power, as well as strong anti-fiend capabilities.
Wields – Banisher and Oracle, (has basic gear like dagger and stuff but not used in combat)
Primary Sense – Sight
Missions About- Vengeance, Andrew’s missions are about purging evil, nothing more or less

Hunter’s Sight – reveals invisible and disguised things.
Banisher – breaks through obstacles
Oracle – Finds special items and enemies

[so this is the first character Wednesday. Again feel free to comment with preferences for who or where you would like detailed next Wednesday. Andrew won the favorite character poll with twice as many votes as any other character, though I was happy to see everyone at least got on the board.]

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