April Suchness

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 08 2011

Andrew level 12 continued is now up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right, or the main Niar Saga story page–the latter of which is also slowly accumulating behind the scenes info on the world and characters from my recent Wednesday post series. This concludes The Quest phase of Niar Saga, and on Monday we begin Descent into Darkness. Updates of course continuing before noon on Mondays and Fridays, with fun but non-essential posts on Wednesdays when I get to them.

Then I’m happy to say we got 6 votes on the last poll concerning Favorite Character. Andrew won (with two votes), but I was happy that everyone got at least one vote (including an unspecified side character). I’m not sure if those were 6 unique votes or if anyone voted more than once, but it was nice to see more activity than the last poll either way. The new poll is up and like the others will stay up 2 weeks before moving on to the next one. Until one of these gets at least 10 votes though it probably won’t be worth adding an Archive page for viewing past polls.

About the only other news I have is that I’m pretty sure I heard from one of my friends (whose blog is linked on my links page in fact) that this month was some sort of write 100 pages of script month or something like that. I didn’t officially sign on with it, but in a spirit of solidarity I figured I’d try and hammer out the script for the Strategy RPG detailing the legend to which my super-hero series, Maze Warrior, regularly references. The game is called “Yamatai War” with the possibility of having “Maze Warrior:” attached to the front to clarify the relationship to the series. I have the whole thing outlined now and intend to get writing this weekend. One thing I haven’t totally figured out how I’m going to handle though is the branching paths, player choices and for example just talking to people in town. Seems like video-game scripts could have some key differences from movie/stage/tv scripts I hadn’t fully considered before.

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