Stellan Temple

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Apr 13 2011

The Stellan Temple is the heart of religion and faith in the Holy Kingdom—and the site of countless pilgrimages from across the world. It houses 7 Orders of clerics, monks, nuns and priests, each dedicated to and named for a different level of Heaven, and most importantly houses the most sacred relic on the continent of Yore–Heaven’s Staff.

In a high valley between the World Forge and Viura Mountains the Stellan Temple is in a highly defensible position, also protected from all but the occasional northern storm. The Mercurian and Venyan Order buildings provide isolated communities for their ascetic members, while at the same time guarding the two best routes up to the temple from Landis, and in position to intervene in the unlikely event of enemies appearing from the inhospitable northern reaches of either neighboring mountain chain.
The Mertion Cathedral is positioned north of the main Temple to provide isolation for its members as well as defend the main north route to and from the Stellan Temple, which while the least likely to be disturbed is also the most likely to be serious if it is due to the harsh strength of the northern mercenary peoples.

The Stellan Temple itself is divided into 4 Tiers each containing a Courtyard and Hall named for it;
The Lunian Tier is the sprawling ground level with an elaborate courtyard connecting various residences, shops and other conveniences designed to not only accommodate aspirants of the Order but also pilgrims and other guests from across Niar.
The Solanian Tier can be reached from ramps or stairs leading up from the Lunian Tier in many places, and is a place of instruction and libraries reserved for the faithful, as well as training areas for miracle working.
Considerably smaller and only reached by guarded points is the Jovarian Tier where powerful miracles, magic and secrets of the Temple are guarded by respected authorities of the Temple.
Crowning the temple is the Chroniasan Tier, looming over the rest of the temple with heavenly majesty but rarely seen or visited by any but the vaunted Illuminated Order and personal guests of the Grand High Priest himself, and even they only get to see his office or in rare instances library. Access to the Courtyard of the Illuminated where the Heaven’s Staff is kept is restricted to the 7 Illuminated.

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