Sheya Dinah

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 20 2011

A young mercenary from the northlands with a demeanor as icy as her homeland. Well ranked among her people, who are considered the best mercenaries in Yore, Sheya’s clan is hired by the Stellan Temple to safeguard the Heaven’s Staff when it travels beyond their compound. She is stoic and pragmatic, and though she is often curt she is kind at heart.
Brings to the Story – Logic, she’s the one who will look at things practically and express doubts where appropriate, but also has a sense of duty that enables her to press on against apparently impossible odds.
Brings to the Team – military experience and situational analysis, as well as a solid defense oriented combat skills.
Wields – two silvered batons (Mere & Luna), flaming cord & dagger (more as a tool than a weapon)
Primary Sense – Touch and sight
Missions About- Duty, Sheya’s missions always tie to a contract or responsibility she views as hers

Cord & Dagger – acts as a grapple for interacting with distant things or crossing pits and obstacles.
Cord & Flaming Dagger – Fire and heat at a range
Cord & Ice Dagger – Frost and cold at a range

[And there we have another Character Wednesday up. I also see that the most recent poll was horrendously unpopular with only two votes. I guess people aren’t that into weapons, huh? And finally we’re over 3,000 page views so I’ll put up a new About page tonight.]

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