Vixie Hart

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 27 2011

A young and capable traveler originally from the Viura Mountains. She claims to just be looking for a good time but carries a dark secret with her. She is a master of many skills, as well as incredibly acrobatic and athletic. She also has a good heart and cannot ignore people in need.
Brings to the Story – fun, she’s the unapologetically flip and flamboyant character who can liven any situation and keep spirits up in the darkest moments.
Brings to the Team – speed and agility, she can get where she needs to be and do what needs to be done when the mission requires the highest levels of finesse.
Wields – claws on each hand (Heart and Ghost her first enchanted pair)
Primary Sense – Scent and taste
Missions About- Freedom, Vixie fights to protect her or others’ freedom when it’s her mission

Cat’s Leap – A standing leap to reach great heights.
Free-Run – Agile movement over surfaces others can’t traverse.
Tamper – Open locks or disable traps.

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