Andrew into Darkness

Posted by davidludwig
May 02 2011

Andrew level 16 is now up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right or the main Niar Saga story page (also available to the right or above). Anyone who’s caught up on the posts may have noticed that Vixie’s segment from last week left off on a bit of a cliff-hanger, and part of that is that this week will finish the Descent Into Darkness Phase of Niar Saga, after which is the Versus the Evil God Phase–which will bring us to level 20. Hopefully some of you have ideas about what that could mean.

In other site related news, please consider voting in the current poll. There are no wrong answers, I’m just curious what people think and it’s totally anonymous anyway–even I can’t tell who’s voted let alone what their choices were. Also the square check boxes instead of the circular mean that you’re allowed to select more than one answer since in cases like this the answers aren’t all necessarily mutually exclusive.

Update on the state of things with me in general, I have a triumph and a failure to report. To open with the triumph for a positive upbeat; I finally beat Phantasy Star! I played the Phantasy Star series back on the Sega Genesis and to this day still consider it one of the best RPG (or maybe video-game in general, but I’m biased in favor of RPGs) series I’ve ever played. The Shining Series (particularly Shining Force, not counting that junky excuse for a game Shining Force Neo) is the only RPG series I can think of that I would consider as possibly being better than Phantasy Star (on the topic of junky excuses for games though, I was not impressed with Phantasy Star Online and so my experience and praise are really just for the Genesis era games). But a big hang-up for me was that the Master System was dead and gone by the time I started playing video-games, so I never had access to the original Phantasy Star. And I haven’t had a portable gaming system since the original Gameboy, so when Phantasy Star came out for I don’t remember which Gameboy I couldn’t take advantage of that either. Finally though I got a Wii and Phantasy Star was available for download from the Wii Store. I have to say the game was definitely worth the wait. The graphics, sound and gameplay were all decidedly dated (1988 game), but in spite of all of that it was a really awesome game. It was really clear how it was the foundation for the rest of the original Phantasy Star games, and answered all sorts of questions I had about the setting and story that I hadn’t even expected to be answered (like how you end up with a horse-sized winged cat, or the reason the holy flame is called the Eclipse Torch). I may have to play through the other three again soon, even though the game-play didn’t really get good until IV (before that sooner or later in the first three the random battles started to feel like a real drag).

And then my failure. Last month I committed to writing the script for the strategy/RPG “Yamatai War”, which will tell the story of the legend frequently referenced in my series, “Maze Warrior”… Well as of today I have the scene heading for the first scene written into the script… So, yeah… I did get the whole thing outlined, but ultimately keeping up with the 2 story updates and Wednesday features on this site takes a lot more of my time than I’d expect. And since I can’t very well take time out of my job-search/application process, and find myself perhaps over-attached to my “me time” with games or whatever, I just didn’t get it done. So I no longer have a deadline, but I remain committed to getting the script written. Just kind of embarassing that I fell so far short of a personal goal there.

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