Silver Temple

Posted by davidludwig
May 04 2011

The old capitol of Kakarus, located at the center of the Four Talon Mountains, and built by the ancient elves to harness the Ley energy in the location generations before humans came and built the Knights of the Aegis, the original and most prestigious order of Demon Hunters—named for the legendary shield housed in the Temple. The capitol city grew around the temple, but the devoutness of those who lived there led them to consider their homes and businesses but extensions of the Silver Temple itself—and the architecture was designed to match with the city paying when the individual couldn’t afford the silver inlay.

This was Andrew Banisher’s hometown, and his sword (Banisher) and symbol (Oracle) are the only surviving relics of the Silver Temple (even the Aegis itself was destroyed with Letemra’s coming).

Silver Temple has since become the base of operations for the Fallen God, Letemra, in his quest to rebuild his power and destroy all of Niar on his way to doing the same to Heaven.

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