Feanthar Orphan

Posted by davidludwig
May 11 2011

A novice priest entrusted with the Heaven’s Staff and sent into the world to combat the rising tide of evil in accordance to prophecy. He is young and hopeful, though with a propensity for getting into trouble. He has trouble following rules, but believes strongly in the good in all people, and in spite of dogmatic training has a more intuitive than practiced approach to miracles.
Brings to the Story – Innocent and hopeful eyes through which to view the story, of all the characters he has the most heart, but is also naïve.
Brings to the Team – divine magic, healing and protection as well as connections to the influential Stellan Temple.
Wields – Heaven’s Staff, divine magic.
Primary Sense- Hearing and sixth sense
Missions About- Hope, if the mission is for Feanthar specifically it’s about bringing hope.


  • Heaven’s Staff : Activates holy seals granting access to warded areas, or breaks profane wards.
  • Miracle : Purges darkness or invokes divine intervention. Heaven’s Staff used with seals and wards, Miracle used when auras are present instead of markings.
  • Divine Footsteps : Allows travel over surfaces others can’t including air and water.

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