Posted by davidludwig
May 18 2011

The largest Northlander city, Tionburg is the fortified capital of the north. A city of ice and snow through all but the green summer months, its people are hearty warriors and foremost among the famous northern mercenaries. This is Sheya’s hometown, and is ruled by a council of elders on which her father sits as representative of the mercenaries’ interests.

Tionburg was in fact the first city in the north, established more as a defensible structure than a residence since at the time the Northlanders were an almost exclusively nomadic people who lived from the land and raiding more civilized areas. Over years as they developed their reputation as mercenaries they abandoned raiding, took up farming and began living in cities so as not to alienate any potential clients–and to avoid being hired to take care of their own raiding parties.

The Tower at the heart of Tionburg is the ultimate defensive structure in the north and most clear reminder of the city’s origins, and as such is the seat of government and also the most secure location in the North if not all of Yore.

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