Lost Dragon’s Pass

Posted by davidludwig
May 25 2011

The safest passage through the otherwise monster dense Viura Mountain Range. It is said that in ancient times a great hero–in some accounts the draconic deity, Solitude–fought and defeated 100 evil dragons in the pass, carving away the mountains that had been there. For whatever reason monsters rarely appear within or around the pass. The Viura Mountains are a chain of dormant volcanoes.

The pass is popular among lowlanders from both sides of the mountain range because of its comparatively gentle slopes, lower elevation and sparse monster population. The more hardy and less classically civilized mountain folk of the Viura Mountains in turn often avoid the Lost Dragon’s Pass and unnecessary interactions with from their perspective pretentious lowlanders.

Scholars and locals have long disagreed as to whether the proper name for the pass refers to a single lost dragon or multiple lost dragons. Generally opinion breaks along the lines of those who believe Lost Dragon refers to the enigmatic deity Solitude who may have been the one to carve the pass with his legendary battle, versus those who believe that whether or not Solitude was the one to clear the pass the name is derived from the one-hundred evil dragons who were lost in the battle.

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