Level 20.5

Posted by davidludwig
Jun 06 2011

With Letemra the Deathgate defeated, the single greatest threat to the World of Niar had been successfully resolved. Faced with the threat of total annihilation the people of Niar came together and showed a will to live that could not be matched even by the spite of the evil deity. However victory did not come without a cost; the sacred Kingdom of Kakarus and its legendary Demon Hunters were lost and many lives were laid down before the foul god and his dark ambitions were finally stopped. In the wake of such tragedy there could be no swift return to normalcy, and the touch of the evil one seemed certain to echo through the coming generations.

Our heroes—Feanthar Orphan, Sheya Dinah, Vixie Hart and Andrew Banisher—exulted in their victory for a time. Calling upon the blessings of Heaven, Feanthar sanctified the fallen land of Kakarus, cleansing the taint of evil left upon it. Unfortunately reality came pressing back in not long after, together with the profane aura left by Letemra’s lingering influence. Just as Kakarus had become so saturated with evil that not even Heaven’s Staff could cleanse it for long, the world had been scarred in various ways by the fiend-god’s influence. The heroes already destined for song and legend still saw long roads ahead for them. When they first set out, their paths had been separate, bringing them together to face the greatest challenge of their lives, but in the wake of that achievement they saw their paths splitting off once again.

Sheya and Feanthar traveled to the west to meet up with the king’s forces and passage back to the continent of Yore. King Cortez had survived the battle thanks to Lady Azalea’s miracle working, as had Sheya’s father with whom she shared a joyful reunion, though many soldiers had been lost. Upon returning to Yore Feanthar learned that the Stellan Temple had indeed been attacked during the battle, and, though they had ultimately driven the demons back, the Grand High-Priest as well as several of his arch-priests of the Chronisian Order were lost in the battle and the Temple waited without direction for some sign of what was to come next.

Vixie on the other hand decided to stay on with Andrew, who was determined to hunt down the survivors of Letemra’s forces still left on the continent of Asla and hopefully find some way to permanently break the desecration of the Silver Temple. Though the body of the swordmaster Slythe had disappeared while they were confronting Letemra, Vixie and Andrew did encounter Letemra’s daughter, Naomi, just outside the city…



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