Four Talon Mountains

Posted by davidludwig
Jun 08 2011

Compared to the mountainous continent of Yore and rocky dividing islands, the continent of Asla is quite level. The four significant mountains on Asla are known as the Four Talon Mountains, and are located equidistant from the Silver Temple at perfectly ordinal points. From a distance each mountain’s peak appears to curve inward toward the Silver Temple, like the talons of some truly massive dragon. Folk-lore even postulates that the mountains may in fact be the talons of the original dragon, which in turn some claim would have to be the lone god Solitude.

Scholars and priests however believe that the mountains instead of being the talons of some colossal entity, are instead the remains of a more ancient temple attuned to the same ley-energy that the Silver Temple’s Life-Sanctum is situated directly above. Many believe that somewhere in the oral history or racial memory of the elves of Asla is the truth about the Four Talon Mountains, but if the elves do know anything they aren’t sharing that information with outsiders and seem content to leave the mountains and inland alone–though when passing near any of the mountains all of the more tribal elves do seem to pause to pray to the mountains.

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