Heathhill and Oranis

Posted by davidludwig
Jun 15 2011

The dukedom on the Eastern side of the Viura Mountains; Heathhill has long been a productive subordinate domain to the Holy Kingdom of Landis. Geographic isolation allows Heathhill to remain relatively independent however, and there is a strong spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship, with merchants being among the most powerful in the dukedom—though Heathhill is self-sufficient in terms of agriculture and fishing in spite of less than ideal rainfall for growing.

Oranis is the capitol of the entrepreneurial Dukedom of Heathhill. It began as a trading town on the wild side of Lost Dragons’ Pass, but trappers and adventurers and eventually the merchants who supported them made Oranis explode in population and size almost overnight. Oranis is a city of wealth and innovation, though not immune to the troubles frequently resolved by the Church back in Landis proper.

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