Eternity Grove

Posted by davidludwig
Jun 22 2011

The Eternity Grove is the font of life and central nexus for the world of Eterny. Eterny is a far distant world from Niar, in fact not even existing in the same solar system, and is much smaller requiring a mere two days of foot travel to make a complete circuit in any direction.

The Eternity Grove exists at the center and is the source of magic for the elves of Eterny and their fey allies, as well as the world’s primary source of light. Day and night do not occur in cycles but rather are extremely localized manifestations of individual will. Eterny is essentially a single large amalgamation of plant life, held together by the mystic force of the Eternity Grove.

The Eternity Grove is The Sacred Site in Eterny, and governed by an Eternal Speaker who represents the wisest and eldest of the elves.

Due to the unique nature of Eterny the Star Elves who live there are more aware of other worlds and able to travel between them using their advanced magic. Though there is no record of Eternal Elves ever traveling as far as Niar, Kara Mooncall of Eterny is the mother of Naomi, who did come to Niar not long after her father Letemra the Deathgate.

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