Holt Village

Posted by davidludwig
Jun 29 2011

Almost due north of The Silver Temple is the village of Holt in Kakarus. Holt has never been a large village, though it rose around a trading port. At the height of the Kingdom Holt served as a sort of back way into Kakarus used mostly by fugitives, smugglers and those seeking to avoid too much attention.

Near to the elven forests, Holt was also a popular way-point for elves who had business with the humans. Otherwise it was mostly populated with local fishers and tradespeople who supported the capital. The main sea route into Kakarus was through the much larger port town of Drakecrest to the west, which was considered the first stop on the pilgrimage to the Silver Temple. Due to the religious nature of Kakarus the vast majority of travelers and in turn merchants chose to follow the long road from Drakecrest rather than take the more direct but less prestigious road from Holt.

With the fall of Kakarus however Drakecrest came under seige and was the last major stronghold of Kakarians during the dark rule of Letemra the Death Gate. Due to its unobtrusive nature however Holt was largely ignored by the invading demon hordes and for many years served as a place for refugees to gather and even escape to Yore, with support of the elven people in fending off the few demon attacks that did come their way.

One year before Holt was finally overrun by Death Cultists the elves stopped coming however, and rumors surfaced that Letemra may be taking advantage of the town’s out-of-the-way nature for his own dire purpose.

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2 Responses

  1. glitterlady says:

    I think it would be more fun to read about your world if you show in story instead of tell about it in summary. Maybe a small flash fiction of passerby learning about the town or something… could be fun?

    • davidludwig says:

      Huh, that’s a cool idea. I hadn’t thought of that. The Wednesday posts are really just bonuses running alongside the main story, but doing them as flash fiction could be fun… Maybe with the next story since it feels a bit late to start with Niar Saga.

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