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Posted by davidludwig
Jul 02 2011

And in today’s special Saturday posting I feel it necessary to mention that I am an awful fan of the 7 Deadly Sins. I mean, I like structure and they’re broken down so neatly into an itemized list of the 7 big bad sins, the only thing that’d be better there would be if there were a set hierarchy. Of course that’d probably change based on context anyway, so I don’t mind constructing my own hierarchy when appropriate say if each member of a villainous organization is associated with a specific sin.

Then I just like sins. Evil is a really powerful concept and incredibly useful device for telling stories, and the archetypal battle between good and evil just wouldn’t be the same without it. But then calling it sin specifically conjures up the concept of religious doctrine (more structure for anyone keeping track) which always makes me tingly.

And Deadly? That’s just a fun descriptor. The 7 Big Sins, or 7 Really Bad Sins just wouldn’t feel like they had as much at stake–but Deadly gives you some idea of consequence to go with it all, which adds a very interesting weight to the whole set-up. So all of that considered when I heard about;

Lady Antimony’s Blog Challenge to write 7 Flash Fictions on the 7 Deadly Sins in 7 Days starting on 7/7… Well even considering the fact that I’ve never written Flash Fiction and have little interest or ability when it comes to short stories, it still sounded right up my alley. So I’m signing on to it, and you can expect to see my entries as posts on the main page, though Niar Saga will continue as normal on Monday and Friday. To get the normal Wednesday post up however will involve two posts on the 13th.

Anyone interested in the origin of this challenge can check out

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6 Responses

  1. Antimony says:


    Great to have you on board, it’s good to know you’re as big a fan of the Deadly Seven as I am!

    A x

  2. GlitterLady says:

    We are going to ROCK this challenge! Antimony is also thinking about doing a 7 virtues challenge next month… dun Dun DUN! 2 more days until challenge start!

    • davidludwig says:

      Well I’m definitely doing the 7 Virtues after this whether it’s a challenge or not. I don’t even know what they are, and that needs to be remedied.

  3. Hello David!

    Glad to meet you, and looking forward to reading your work during the Seven Sins blogfest! This is going to be fun.


  4. davidludwig says:

    I should mention since the blog challenge links here; my actual entries will be appearing on the Home page. Link is above.

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