Naomi Mooncall

Posted by davidludwig
Jul 06 2011

The succubus daughter of Letemra the Deathgate and an innocent elf maiden from another galaxy, after her mother’s death she was incorporated into her father’s plans for the conquest of Niar. Her power is unsurpassed even by her god father, but she is confused about what she is supposed to be doing and rarely brings her full power to bear and is far from reaching her full potential. Naomi is initially an enemy for the party.
Brings to the Story – youth and innocence different from Feanthar’s sequestered innocence, and a questioning attitude that takes nothing for granted. She raises questions.
Brings to the Team – unparalleled magical power both arcane and divine.
Wields – magic and miracles
Primary Sense – sixth sense
Missions About- Discovery, Naomi’s missions are about discovering herself and her path



  • Miracle: Used to invoke divine power in response to auras, purging darkness or triggering intervention.
  • Fireball: Applies destructive flame to a wide area from a distance.
  • Ice Beam: Applies freezing cold along a straight line.

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