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Posted by davidludwig
Jul 13 2011

Vixie’s childhood friend, after her father was wounded protecting their village from a deadly new threat, Cen set out to find her and bring her home. He finally manages to locate her after the initial quest is completed, and takes Sheya’s place on the team. He’s kind hearted and soft-spoken, but unwavering in his beliefs and love for Vixie. He’d be just as happy with a quiet life, but by necessity has mastered a defensive style of quarterstaff fighting that maximizes his speed and mobility while still making him an indefatigable foe in battle.

Brings to the Story – he’s the nice neighbor, the dependable guy, steadfast friend and the one who lets you believe things will somehow work out.
Brings to the Team – mobile defensive skills and solid combat abilities, better reach than Sheya but ultimately plays like a lesser version.
Wields – quarterstaff (has other tools like a dagger, but not as weapons)
Primary Sense – Hearing
Missions About- Community, even if it’s the world community Cen’s missions are about togetherness

Pole Vault – Using his staff Taecendar is able to clear gaps and reach places difficult for other characters to get to.
Throwing Knife – A useful attack option from a range, able to hit buttons and damage targets out of reach.
Holy Staff – The staff given to Taecendar by Feanthar allows him to activate many, though not all, of the same seals as Heaven’s Staff.

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