Posted by davidludwig
Aug 17 2011

Andromalus – Fantasia/Earth

The people bumbled through the stacks below him, staring dumbly at worn spines and fumbling weighty tomes. Though there couldn’t be more than five of them in the shop at the moment, Andromalus didn’t think he’d ever seen so much incompetence in one place. It was nauseating. Words on paper, that’s all books were to these ignoramuses, who felt themselves educated because they were in a bookshop in the first place.

Andromalus flicked his tail in annoyance—and catching his own movement in his peripheral vision only incensed him further. His tail? HIS tail? No, just an undignified growth forced on him by that contemptible sorceress. Thinking about her smugness when she stormed into his study and challenged him was just too much to bear. Andromalus’s ears laid flat at her memory and he snarled down at no one in particular—though with the fortunate effect of sending the little girl who’d been trying to coax him down scurrying.

Earth had seemed a good fail-safe destination. Of the infinity of worlds reachable by magic, it was very unlikely Elise would know he had come to this unremarkable land of cities and so-called science. He’d spotted the one he needed his first afternoon in this dusty repository of forgotten knowledge, but stayed on an extra week just to make sure. He had to have the perfect apprentice to be able to master his spells in any reasonable amount of time, defeat Elise, and restore himself to his true form. His contingency spell would end once he and his chosen apprentice were returned to Fantasia, and from there it would largely be on her shoulders. A wizard of his standing should never be forced to do without his magic, and he would see Elise regret this humiliation dearly.

Then the bell chimed as the front door opened. Audrey Prince had come in at just the same time as every day this past week. Andromalus stood up and circled around behind his spell-book to push it down off the shelf when she came closer.


6 Responses

  1. Glitterlady says:

    tricky kitty, Neat to have the perspective before she got there, to fantasia.

  2. Sarah says:

    I like hearing more about what happened before the main story starts! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Mary Jo Ludwig says:

      Very nice background detail! I love your attention to detail. It’s amazing how you have all these characters and storylines organized when I am just beginning to see the skeleton of the story. Great writing!

  3. davidludwig says:

    Thanks for the comments! I’ll admit getting all of the various stories behind Lost Girls’ Society together so that I could have them weave in and out of the main narrative as appropriate is probably the biggest creative undertaking I’ve done in a long time if not ever.
    Though, out of curiosity, do you think I should mention on the main story page when these Wednesday posts originally occurred in relation to the main story posts? Or do you think it’s fine to just have them separate at the bottom?

  4. Sarah says:

    Awesome artwork!!! That looks amazing!!

  5. Marsh' says:

    My vote is in separate. It’s like being able to put the puzzle into place yourself.

    When I saw the artwork on the other Wednesday posts I had the idea that maybe you added one here, and you did! I see you’re using a program that lets you do smooth shading. I like how you expressed the kitty’s attitude. Daw. Imagining Andromalus being baby-talked and cuddled by an avid cat-lover is.. priceless. xD Poor, irritated, potentially homicidal Andromalus.

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