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Aug 24 2011

Edmund – Terra

The clank of armor and march of boots spoke of strength, spoke of pride. Edmund knew all too well the fear everyone was feeling, he felt it himself—gnawing away at his core like a rat in the floorboards, hard to get at but impossible to ignore. Yet so long as they marched, moved forward, they could keep a pace ahead of fear and continue in their duty. Smaller units had returned from the forest broken and hollowed, the few survivors destined to wake screaming into the night for the rest of their days—their haggard and worn faces speaking of the hell their voices could not. That had everyone a little scared.

It was hard to believe they were hunting just one fugitive, but however excessive the force might seem, their platoon would finally bring justice to this bestial man who had been terrorizing the frontier lands for the last several years. Then their platoon leader signaled for their forces to spread out around the forested hills. The fugitive was in the valley between the hills. Edmund nodded reassuringly to his friend, Chris Tailor, as their squad settled into position. No one in this platoon was new to battle, but many—including Edmund and Chris—were considered a little green.

“For King and crown!” The platoon leader raised his gleaming sword.

The platoon answered with their own cries for glory as they all surged forward, a sudden tide of steel rushing into the valley. Cresting the hill, Edmund caught his first glimpse of their target, a brute standing nearly seven feet tall with a black mane as wild as his pale eyes, lightly armored but apparently unarmed.
The bestial man’s eyes rolled skyward as the kings’ men rushed in, and loosed his own primal scream.

Sudden darkness ripped through the forest and all was chaos. Rending claws tore through knightly armor like wet-paper and suddenly the bestial man was flanked on all sides by nine of the most fearsome monstrosities Edmund could imagine—monsters from the far corners of the world but darker and more feral. Edmund caught Chris as he stumbled from the sudden impact of the cloying wash of blood from the front ranks. A hundred knights couldn’t have stood against this unholy onslaught; their foe was no man but surely a demon from the blackest depths!

One of the sergeants called for a full retreat, but was cut off abruptly as one of the feral monsters ripped him in half. Somehow Edmund managed to keep his shield between himself and the beasts’ claws as he and Chris withdrew back-to-back. Others broke ranks and were cut down before they could flee more than a couple steps—and yet as he and Chris approached the crest of the hill they had surged over only moments ago, he allowed himself hope they might somehow escape with their lives. That’s when the bestial man turned his attention to Edmund and Chris.

As the psychopath threw himself after them with eyes blazing madly, one thought crossed Edmund’s mind. He had promised Chris he’d get him home safely.

“Run for it, Chris!” Edmund shouted as he braced himself to intercept the bestial man’s charge.

Petrified by the tone of Edmund’s voice, Chris was only able to look back in time to see the bestial man’s bare hand smash through Edmund’s shield and grab Edmund by his face. Then came darkness.


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7 Responses

  1. davidludwig says:

    Sorry this is up so late! Still getting used to my new tablet.

  2. glitterlady says:

    What exactly is this beastial man’s purpose? What motivates him to attack and terrorize? For some reason I want to know this beasty mans past, what made him so angry? Maybe if the heros found out the beasty man would be their own beasty man instead of the enemy. Poor beasty.

    • davidludwig says:

      Well it’s hopefully clear the bestial man won this encounter–you will be able to hear much more about him as Lost Girls’ Society continues as he is a very important figure in one of the girls’ worlds (can you tell whose world Edmund and the bestial man are from?).
      But yeah, I’m pretty happy with his backstory because there are a lot of complications that got him where he is now–so thanks for the interest!

  3. glitterlady says:

    I want the beasty man to become good eventually, but it’s not my story so I will wait and see 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this fits into the story…

  5. Marsh' says:

    Airok is grimacing. XD

    It’s really funny having the previous experience with “him” and then having to shove down the association for the sake of cleansing the pallet.

    You did really good shading on the blue clothing, muscly. :3

    • davidludwig says:

      Thanks for an art compliment! Means a lot from you. Don’t even remember much of how the bestial man was portrayed in Forgotten Relics, but it is fun to see Airok’s old enemy turn up here, right?

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