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Sep 07 2011

Yezen –Fantasia

Yezen Flezen dropped his chin onto his fist with a sigh as he studied the human sleeping below him. Yezen had deep and dark eyes that sparkled like diamond mines; eyes a girl could get lost in. But not this one. No, Audrey Prince was more aware of the fact that Yezen was under three feet tall; she’d mistaken him for a human child! Really, had she lived her whole life under a rock? How could she not know he was a gnome?

“Well, what do you make of her?” Yezen turned his gaze to Elaria, the falcon perched on his other arm.

Elaria winked at him. She could be so coy—though she made no secret of how tickled she was Audrey had completely missed Yezen’s charm. Of course, Elaria thought, Audrey was the second girl to resist Yezen, falsely counting herself as the first.

“Lucky for her we showed up when we did.” Yezen turned his attention back to the human. “Those drakes would’ve had her for lunch if we hadn’t handled them.”

Yezen shook his head in response to Elaria’s cluck, “Her magic would place her well in First Year at an Academy—but it’s just stupid for her to be testing it out in the real world.”

Elaria shook her head and Yezen finally smirked, “Oh, go on! Find yourself some dinner. I’ll see what her cat knows.”

As Elaria took off into the sky, Yezen looked over to where the black cat had been watching him from behind a rock. “So, Puss, what can you tell me about your master?”

The cat’s fur bristled indignantly and he hissed at Yezen. I am the master, you ignoramus! Audrey is my apprentice! Not that explaining it is any good; without an empathic bond you couldn’t possibly understand what I’m saying!

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Puss.” Yezen placed a finger on his lips thoughtfully.

If you can understand me; I am the great wizard Andromalus. NOT ‘Puss’. Andromalus’ fur settled down, but he still watched Yezen warily.

Yezen tapped his lips as he considered, “A wizard, are you? So I suppose your apprentice is taking you to Kengli to find a cleric to break whatever curse you stumbled into?”

Andromalus sat importantly on top of the rock he had been hiding behind, ears at attention and, for now, interested in Yezen. There isn’t a cleric alive that can break the curse. That is why I am training my apprentice to confront the sorceress who placed it on me.

Yezen couldn’t help leaning forward at this unexpected bit of information. Andromalus knew he was interested now, nothing for it but to play it straight. “You’re talking about Elise, aren’t you?”




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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m confused as to where this fits in the story… But it seems important! Like it’s moving forward!

    • davidludwig says:

      The Wednesday posts happen in the worlds the three girls are from, and chronologically happen before Friday’s Thread. So it can happen between Monday and Friday’s posts if Friday is a new Thread, or it can come chronologically before either if Monday/Friday are the same thread.
      Also since the Wednesday posts do not occur in the dream garden they do not advance the Lost Girls’ Society story so much as offer peeks into the individual stories behind Lost Girl’s Society. Basically Wednesdays are just context and diversions.

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