Audrey tossed the frisbee past the bench where Andromalus’ spell-book was resting. Horera leapt up into the air and caught the disc in her mouth, executing a surprisingly graceful back flip before dropping back down to all fours. The others weren’t making any fuss over it, but Audrey couldn’t help noticing that Horera’s guisarme wasn’t present this time, and even Nadine didn’t have her bow or quiver, but Audrey still had the spell-book. She couldn’t seem to let it out of her mind—even when she felt like throwing it in the lake she was still thinking about it.

“Heads!” Nadine called as she tossed the frisbee under her leg back to Audrey.

Clapping her hands down on the frisbee, Audrey returned it to Nadine. “I don’t think we can cross to other worlds from this dream.”

“Horera! Go long!” Nadine shouted to Horera. As soon as the dogling took off chasing the frisbee, Nadine turned back to Audrey. “Well, we didn’t find anything last night. But I bet there’s a whole lot more we could explore.”

Audrey shook her head as Horera came bounding back on all fours, trying to yip with the frisbee in her mouth. “I don’t think we’re actually here though, so it would be hard to go anywhere from a place we weren’t. If my body were disappearing when I went to sleep every night, I’m sure I would have heard about it from Andromalus by now.”

Nadine caught Horera’s return throw with one hand and sighed, “I guess that makes sense. It does seem like I must still be in Eden while I’m here at the same time. But then, why are we all here every night?”

Audrey shook her head as she caught Nadine’s throw, “I don’t know. I guess it’s just our unconscious minds trying to process what we’re going through when we’re awake.” Audrey threw the frisbee back to Horera, “Maybe our minds are coming here because of similarities in our circumstances?”

Horera cocked her head and caught the frisbee by hugging it to her chest. “What talking about?”

“We’re talking about where we’re from!” Nadine grinned, “Right, Audrey? I mean, there’s got to be some way we can help each other out. Maybe it’s just by talking?”

Audrey nodded and caught Horera’s return throw. “That sounds like a much better idea than going back out to where the monsters are. Horera, why don’t you tell us about where you’re from?”

“Horera world called Terra.” Horera nodded, “Horera from beast-lands, dogling tribe. Horera Daddy human, Horera friends knight called Edmund and fairy Suzie. Fight bad things and travel lots.”

“Huh, so what’s going on with you right now?” Nadine threw the frisbee back to Horera.

“Jrrgh!” Horera reflexively caught the disc in her mouth, and had to take it out to answer, “Just save lots fairies! What Nadine do?”

Audrey noticed Nadine blush, and turn away just as Audrey threw her the frisbee. Catching the frisbee behind her back, Nadine turned back to throw it to Horera. “Oh, well, I’m still looking for my dad! So, uh, what are Edmund and Suzie like?”

“Edmund nice, Suzie sparkle. Both brave.”


4 Responses

  1. So why did Nadine blush? Curiouser and Curiouser

  2. Elsie says:

    Good new chapter, cool how they continue to discover more about each other, therefore teaching us more as well- I think it is interesting about how they are in two worlds- unconscious versus conscious- but I have to admit it confuses me sometimes.

  3. Sarah says:

    I like hearing more about their worlds!

  4. Andy says:

    I like the fact that any attention on the spellbook, good or bad, sustains its presence, and then I’m interested as to why Nadine is blushing, but I’m already guessing this “JC” character (which may or may not be a boy but sounds like a boy’s name to me) spending time with her has something to do with it.

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