“What about you, Audrey?” Nadine look Audrey when Horera throw frisbee Audrey. “Things going any better for you now?”

Audrey push glasses up, hold frisbee, “Well, a little better, I suppose? I still want to return to Earth, but it looks like I’ll be in Fantasia for… A while.” Audrey throw frisbee Nadine.

“But things are going better?” Nadine throw frisbee Horera, “Not having to fight as much anymore?”

Audrey catch frisbee from Horera, “Actually, I’ve advanced to the finals of a gladiatorial tournament!” Audrey sad laugh.

“Arf!” Frisbee hit Horera in head!

“Oh! Horera, I’m so sorry!” Audrey run over. Nadine too. “Are you alright?”

“Browf!” Horera shake out, “Horera okay!”

“Come on, let’s sit down.” Nadine lead to merry-go-round.

Nadine sit up on bar, Audrey keep feet on ground, and Horera crawl on other side of Audrey. “Audrey okay?”

Audrey nodded. “I suppose so. The other day in Fantasia I was joined by a strange gnome named Yezen, and his falcon, Elaria. Yezen’s absolutely brilliant in battle, actually kind of frightening. Then with Andromalus’ guidance I’m getting better at magic.”

Nadine pull out bottle, twist cap off. “How’d you end up in a tournament?”

Audrey smile, take out different color bottle. “The city we’re in, Kengli, is apparently the home-town of the sorceress who turned Andromalus into a cat. There just happened to be a tournament, and Andromalus thought it’d be another good way to test my magic.” Audrey curl fingers and cap pop off her bottle on own!

“What drinking?” Horera ears perk.

“Cream soda.” Nadine smile.

“Ginger ale. Would you like some?” Audrey also smile.

Horera smell both. Audrey’s make Horera want sneeze. “That.” Horera point to Nadine’s.

Nadine pull out second bottle, open for Horera. “Sounds like your cat is a real pain!”

This time Horera remember cat not here. Don’t get excited. Horera drink cream soda instead!

“That’s putting it lightly!” Audrey roll eyes, “I didn’t even really want to learn magic. I mean, I guess everyone wishes they could use magic—but I’m sure he could have found someone more willing to face danger then me. All I’ve ever been good at is taking tests.”

Ooo! Soda make bubbles in Horera’s tummy! Horera burp!

Nadine laugh, “Sorry, Horera! I should’ve told you to drink slower.”






4 Responses

  1. Lena Corazon says:

    Yay, I’m finally all caught up with Lost Girls’ Society! I really love what you’ve done here, David, and I am hard-pressed to figure out which character I love best. Horera is precious, Nadine seems totally kick-ass, but Audrey, of course, is that bookish, introspective girl that I’ve always identified with. Anyway, looking forward to see where their adventures in Fantasia will take them. 😀

    • davidludwig says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! I especially love the weighing in on favorite character since I start feeling like a broken record with how much I ask that question.

  2. Elsie says:

    Favorite character? I like Nadine, and Horera is just soooo adorable!!

  3. glitterlady says:

    So Aubrey is in a tournament, and winning! YAy!

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