They had a whole bucket of gummy snacks between them now. Of course after Horera had ended up closer to fighting the gummies than eating them, she got her own separate plate of cookies. Audrey still didn’t sound very confident, but after what Nadine saw against the plant daemons and hearing about the Tournament, Nadine was pretty sure Audrey was already a lot more powerful than she was taking credit for. And unfortunately perceptive too.

Nadine had kept the conversation on Audrey for a while. Nadine really was worried about her, since it did sound like she had things the worst in terms of immediate circumstances. But then Audrey tried to steer the conversation back to Nadine—and Nadine knew Audrey had caught her reaction to Horera’s question earlier. Nadine had managed to deflect to Horera and got a long, if hard to follow, explanation of fairies in Terra—that amounted to fairies were everywhere and Horera didn’t know a lot about them, but everyone else did. Audrey and Yezen were facing a shaggy grey wolf in the final round of the Tournament, and Nadine could tell Audrey was finally set up to find out what she hadn’t been saying.

“Though, Nadine, we’ve hardly heard anything about you.” Audrey smiled, perfectly aware Nadine had been evading her. “There must be some development with you.”

Horera nodded enthusiastically, “Horera want hear!”

Nadine sighed with a shrug, she actually did want to talk about it. “It’s a guy.”

Audrey raised her eyebrows with interest and leaned in. “A boy?”

Horera cocked her head and raised the higher ear.

Nadine smiled broadly. Hopefully she didn’t seem too nervous—she’d never had anyone she could talk to about this sort of thing before. “His name’s JC. We met on the road to Metropolis, and we’ve been traveling together for the last couple days.”

“What’s he like?” Audrey pushed her glasses back up, then folded her hands in front of her chest.

“He’s an archaeologist. Which in Eden is pretty much a professional adventurer. Archaeologists brave the wilds in search of ruins in order to unearth pre-Reclamation technology, which has survived in some places.” Nadine slid down off the bar to sit closer to Audrey and Horera, “So he’s really strong, but he’s smart too. He’s got all of these gadgets for getting through ruins, and a handful of different weapons and he knows how to use all of them! He’s even got a gun! Though, we don’t have any ammunition for it.”

“Is nice?” Horera’s tail was drifting back and forth, and Nadine could tell the others were catching her excitement. It was so good to have someone to talk to! “Look good?”

Nadine nodded to Horera’s second question, biting her thumbnail to try and stay in control. “He’s so cute! I really want to play with his hair! And, I think he’s nice… He’s really quiet, and sort of withdrawn. But, I mean, he’s been a great help dealing with the dangers of the road—and I like to think there might be more to that than just safety in numbers.”

“How old is he?” Audrey frowned.

Nadine clenched her fists as she felt a surge of excitement. “He’s 14! Only one year older than me! I mean, I think I’ve got a crush on him already! Have either of you ever been into a guy? I’ve been alone so long, I don’t want to come on too strong!”

Audrey sighed and shook her head, “Only in stories, I’m afraid. Nobody pays any attention to me in real life—and I guess I might spend, a little, too much time in my books.”

“Horera not crush…” Horera snorted and shook her head. “Horera not see other beastling since small. Maybe problem? Maybe Horera just not full big?”

Nadine moaned and dropped her head back against the bar, “I wish I could tell if he liked me!”









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