Level 04 ~ Andrew cont’d

Stepping into the chamber past the profane door, Andrew saw not all of the missing villagers had been woven into the door. The fell-animated corpses of two men stood ready to attack him and keep him away from the altar with the burning gate insignia that had been set up in the back of the chamber. Andrew held Banisher at ready before him as he scanned the room for signs of the fiends behind this.

So good of you to come and see us.” A rasping voice hissed from nowhere.
And you even brought the relics with you.” Hissed another.
Our master will be most pleased, when we deliver them to him.” Came the third voice.

With a single powerful sweep Andrew destroyed the corpses attacking him and released their trapped souls. Then his left eye began glowing more brilliantly and he could see the three demonic quasits lurking half behind pillars around the chamber. They were waiting for him to make the first move. They didn’t know yet that he could see through their invisibility. Pretending to still be scanning the shifting shadows of the desecrated chamber Andrew began walking cautiously toward the profane altar with Banisher at ready before him.

As he had expected, the quasits filled in behind him once he’d passed their positions. But before they could do anything, he turned and with a deadly sweep of his blade decapitated two of them, though the third managed to fly up out of his reach. As the first two shrieked their death-throes, their bodies erupted with abyssal energy that reached out to consume Andrew. Andrew easily brought the flat of Banisher around like a shield to block the energy, and the essences of the fallen quasits were consumed by the sapphire in the center of Oracle, causing the blade of Banisher to briefly flash with the consumed demonic energy.

“You’re next.” Andrew turned grimly to face the remaining flying quasit.

Fool! You are the last! And you will fail Landis just as your kind failed Kakarus!” The quasit shrieked, vainly trying to rub some of its fear and despair off on Andrew.

Andrew easily cut through the quasit’s fire-blast and flung Banisher mightily at the quivering demon. The demon was pierced.

Agh! You may have beaten us… But you’ll never save the king! By the time the moon grows dark… It will be too late…”

Destroyed and consumed as the others had been, the passing of the final demon marked the freeing of this little fishing town. Andrew stepped forward and easily caught Banisher as it dropped from destroying the quasit. Turning back he destroyed the profane altar with a powerful overhead sweep. Any connection to the lower planes would be severed and this base for demonic influence shut down. Removing Oracle from Banisher and returning it to hang around his neck, Andrew also sheathed his sword on his back and began walking back up out of the crypt. The demons’ attempts at fear-mongering were pathetic, but always gave Andrew a new destination to head for. Half the time it was a trap, but he didn’t really care as long as he got to kill more demons.


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  1. Chelsea says:

    Very cool. I like the door made from corpses. That sounds really morbid…I mean it’s a cool idea for the story…yeah. Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry I didn’t post anything ’til today, I’ve been kind of busy this week. But excellent job. I like him the best so far.

    • davidludwig says:

      Yay! Another Chelsea comment! I missed you. But yeah, I did sort of realize as it came time to post Vixie and Andrew’s segments that the story wasn’t really appropriate for all audiences.

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