Audrey groaned as she turned over under her warm covers. She was about to settle deeper into her bed, when her hand brushed the spell-book. Remembering where she was, Audrey rolled over onto her back with a sigh. Staring up at the ceiling a moment, she let her arm flop out to her side to feel around for her glasses on her nightstand. Once she had a hold of her glasses, Audrey sat up and put them on to look around.

She smiled to herself as her hand drifted down to the spell-book. It was good to be home—even if she really wasn’t. Her room. Her books, posters and furniture. She’d managed to bring it all into the garden before she’d even fully come through herself. Then a laugh leapt unbidden from her throat as she looked down and discovered she was wearing the lacey nightgown Yezen had bought for her, instead of her much more practical cotton one from home. Hot tears ran down Audrey’s cheeks and she clutched her covers in her fist until her breathing was back under control. It was time to go meet Horera and Nadine.

Wiping her eyes, Audrey quickly changed back into her uniform—mostly out of habit, she supposed, since really she could’ve had whatever she felt like wearing—and stepped out through the door that in London would’ve led to the upstairs hall. As soon as she stepped out Audrey stopped in her tracks. It was night. It had never been night in the garden. Glancing back, Audrey noticed her room looked like a little hut tucked back into the ferns—complete with a chimney pot, even though there was no fireplace. She’d meant to leave the spell-book on her bed, but the change in the garden made Audrey uneasy. Dashing back into her room Audrey grabbed the spell-book then hurried to the starlit lake to find Horera and Nadine.

“Everything same color!” Horera was sitting by the lake wearing Nadine’s green goggles, and Audrey couldn’t help imagining the little dogling’s wide eyes as she’d tried to see through Audrey’s glasses.

“Yeah, that is a limitation of that type of night-vision technology.” Nadine laughed, “Hey, Audrey! You’re late.”

“I’m sorry.” Audrey smiled and hugged the spell-book to her chest.

“Nadine need night-vision?” Horera seemed to be investigating whether she could make out additional color by putting her face closer to Nadine’s.

Nadine grinned but didn’t retreat from the goggled Horera. “There’s actually more than enough starlight for me to see right now, but those goggles work when there’s no light at all.” Then Nadine stood up to face Audrey, “Horera and I were just talking about how it’s never been night here before. You have any idea what it could mean?”

Audrey held the book a little tighter, “Hopefully it doesn’t mean anything!”

Horera stood up with a hand on Nadine’s leg, apparently not completely trusting the monochromatic view through the goggles. “What do at night? Horera not tired.”

“Why don’t we go back to my place?”

“Your place?” Nadine grinned.



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  1. Elsie says:

    Good new chapter- cute illustration!

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      Glad you’re still reading! Have you also been keeping up on the Wednesday posts? They’re events from the daytime in the girls’ respective worlds, there’re links to each one at the bottom of the main story page.

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    No, I haven’t read any of those…The whole thing, I have to admit, is a bit confusing for me, so I am staying away right now 🙂

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    I am now on kidpub.com, please check me out (scoutelsie) and tell your friends!! I write on it…

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    Oooohhh… night time! Seems like something’s going to happen…

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