Horera gave goggles back. See better without. Audrey place nice. Floor soft for feet and interesting things everywhere! Horera find light on table, go on and off when Horera push button! On and off, on and off!

“Wow! Your room is amazing!” Nadine grin, “And everything’s in such good condition too!”

“I try to keep things tidy.”

“Ooo! I bet you’ve got a lot of clothes!” Nadine skip to dresser, “Don’t you?”

Audrey shake head, “Not really… More books than clothes, I’m afraid.”

Nadine open drawer, Horera leave light on see excited Nadine.

“A nightgown?!” Nadine pull out really pretty nightgown, “Can you believe I’ve never actually seen one before?”

Nadine hold up nightgown, Audrey turn red. “I, uh, don’t normally… That isn’t, what I usually wear.”

“Can I try it on?” Nadine puppy eyes like Horera!

Audrey very quiet nod.

Nadine bite lip, “Uh, is there somewhere I can change?”

“There’s a bathroom,” Audrey point other door. “Actually, normally it’d be my wardrobe—but I thought a bathroom might be more useful here.”

“What nightgown?” Horera cock head.

“It’s for sleeping in.” Audrey go over to drawer, pull out longer plain one, “This is what I usually wear.”

“Don’t sleep other clothes?”

“Well, day clothes aren’t as comfortable usually.”

“How do I look?” Nadine come back.

“Browf?!” Horera surprised! Nadine hair super long!

“You’re gorgeous!” Audrey hug plain nightgown, “I didn’t realize just how long your hair was with it up all the time!”

Nadine toss hair back, “Hey, why don’t we all change? It could be like a sleep-over!”

“I haven’t had a sleep over since primary school!” Audrey smile.

Soon all change. Audrey even have Horera size plain nightgown! Horera not have wear other clothes under nightgown, and nightgown light and fun!

“Horera comfy!” Horera flop on Audrey bed, roll around. Stop. Hold ear-tips. “Audrey and Nadine both long hair… Both pretty.”

Audrey and Nadine sit both sides Horera. “You’re pretty too, Horera.” Audrey smile, “Would it make you feel better if I put my hair up like your ears?”

Nadine pet Horera, “Or you’ve got enough fur, I could put your ears up the way I usually have my hair!”

“Wan!” Horera smile. Feel weird ears pulled back, but Nadine careful not hurt. See in Audrey mirror, Horera have fur burst back head!

Audrey separate hair two parts, tie up like Horera ears! “Now we all have each others’ hair styles.”



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  1. Elsie says:

    As I already said, great!! Also, good new poll 😉 and glad to see your website back!

  2. Sarah says:

    Cute! Totally a slumber party activity to do each other’s hair.

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