“Horera isn’t here yet?” Audrey had waited before heading to the lake this time because she’d wanted to make a bit of an entrance, so she was disappointed to see Nadine sitting alone.

Nadine sighed before turning away from her starlit reflection. “No, I was starting to—Oh my god!”

Audrey blushed a little at Nadine’s wide-eyed slack-jawed expression. She’d meant to surprise both of them, but hadn’t really expected so much of a reaction.

“That cloak is amazing!” Nadine skipped over to feel the fabric. “Wow, it’s like it glows in the star light…”

“It’s the Mantle of the Silver Moon.” Audrey held it up with her arms and turned in place to model it. “I guess besides the ruin we’re looking for, Sacred Stones is also the location of the Silver Moon Cave. The entire cave is an ordeal designed to protect the mantle, but apparently only opens to extraordinary spell-casters to begin with. The cave hadn’t opened in five-hundred years, and then when we were passing by, it opened for me!”

“That is so cool!” Nadine grinned, “You really look like a real wizard now!”

Audrey flipped up the hood of the mantle and giggled. “I’m actually starting to feel like one! I completed the whole ordeal by myself—the cave wouldn’t even let Andromalus in! I didn’t want to go in at first, but Andromalus insisted I’d been chosen and said it would practically be blasphemy not to accept the challenge. Yezen thought I should do it too, and oddly his falcon seemed pretty insistent as well.”

“Arf! Arf! Arf!” Suddenly Horera came barreling out of the trees with a panicked sort of whining bark that she didn’t stop until she’d smashed into Nadine and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

“Horera!” Nadine put her arms around the trembling dogling, “What’s wrong?”

“B-bad Man!” Horera sobbed into Nadine’s skirt, gasping for air. “Bad Man kill Horera parents! B-back! After Horera!”

Audrey lowered her hood, all the excitement from a moment ago replaced with concern for Horera. Adjusting her grip on the spell-book, Audrey cursed the weight in her mind and herself for standing so impotently by while Nadine tried to comfort Horera.

“What happened?” Nadine shot a look at Audrey that let Audrey know Nadine was feeling just as helpless as she was.

“Bad Man come!” Horera took a deep shuddering breath, “Pretty Fairy make Edmund run with Horera… Fairies hold off Bad Man!” Another deep breath and Horera was able to take her face out of Nadine’s skirt. “Run all day! Night come mountain, fairies back… But Pretty Fairy not back!” Tears and snot were still running down Horera’s face and her lip was trembling as she looked up at Nadine and Audrey. “Horera need fairy magic fall asleep…”

Audrey quickly brushed away a tear she felt on her own face, and then she saw Nadine was crying for Horera too. But Nadine’s jaw was clenched, and she raised a fist determinedly.

“That’s it. We ARE going to cross into Horera’s world and take care of this jerk! And this time, I know how to do it!”




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  1. Elsie says:

    great!!! Also- PLEASE TAKE AUDREY OUT OF UNIFORM!! it SO does not go with her new cloak, and I am getting kinda sick of it.. sorry… 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    I kind of wish I could just read a whole story of what was happening to them individually, like Audrey’s whole training and stuff.

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