Horera try talk Nadine out of it. Fight Bad Man bad idea. Nadine say can do it together. Only Daddy ever make Bad Man run away, even Edmund say Bad Man more strong whole army. But Nadine say help Audrey get home too. Horera want help Audrey.

“Okay, here we are.” Nadine stop metal platform under tree Nadine wake. Night dark, Horera can’t see up tree. “Come on, get on.”

Horera Audrey look each other. Audrey gave Horera facekerchief, so face dry now. Audrey shrug, both get on metal platform. Metal platform start rising up in air!

“What?” Audrey surprised too, “What is this?”

Nadine hold hands behind neck. “An elevator. I thought you had them in your home world?”

Audrey push glasses up, “Where I come from, elevators have to be attached to something!”

“Ah, no grav-tubes, huh?” Nadine shrug. “Anyway I figured the way between worlds might as well be close to where I come in. You know, in case…”

Audrey frown, “I’m still not sure I understand what you’re thinking.”

Horera feel better, Audrey and Nadine talking, “I figured it out after you took us to your place last night. There’s actually no limit in what we can create in this dream, so all we have to do is believe in the way between the worlds the same way we do with the smaller stuff and your place.”

“That makes sense, but I’m still not convinced it’s possible.” Audrey shake head.

“Come on, Audrey! You have to believe in this! Horera believes, don’t you, Horera?”

Horera not understand what talking about, “Yap, Horera believe.” Horera nod anyway.

Audrey shrug, “Okay, so the way between the worlds is at the top of this elevator.”

“Up above the canopy, close to the stars.” Nadine nod, then pull out bow and arrow. “Actually, we should probably have weapons ready.”

Audrey take out book from new cloak. Uh-oh! Horera forget Guisarme-san! No, wait… Guisarme-san sleeping by Horera feet! Horera pick up Guisarme-san and shake gently.

“Wake up, Guisarme-san.”

Elevator stop dark platform high in tree. Nadine lead, then Horera and Audrey. Up dark stairs and out to bigger platform above trees! Starry night so big, then bad screeching!

“Incoming!” Nadine shout, fire lots arrows into dark wing things swarm from sky!

Virial!” Audrey book open early page, each finger blade of light at wing things.

Lots wing things down, but more lots still coming. Get close enough Horera can see! Big black gargoyles! Horera can fight gargoyles! Horera growl, wait get close, then lunge barking! Horera bite gargoyle throat! Stone, so bite harder! Hit with fists! Hit with fists! Hit with fists!

“Be careful, Horera!” Audrey call worry.

Nadine Audrey make lots gargoyles fall, Horera jump gargoyle to gargoyle in air! Bite and hit with fists make fall!







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  1. Glitterlady says:

    YAY! I hope they make it! I would love to see them go into each other’s worlds.

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    You know, I actually am now wondering if Horera should have called it a face-kerchief…

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    I hope they make it too!

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