Level 05 ~ Feanthar

It was too much to comprehend really. So Feanthar just sat with his back to the Temple wall, his face upturned toward the sun, and listened to the breeze in the grass. Overnight he’d been promoted from simple aspirant and a ward of the Church to a full Bishop and entrusted with carrying Heaven’s Staff, the Temple’s most sacred relic, out into the world. His blue robes had been exchanged for richer green ones, and suddenly all his friends were treating him like a living Saint.

The Stellan Order needed more time to recover from the vicious attack of the previous week, but news of dark cults and trouble in the lowlands was already begging for an official Church response. In spite of it all, the Grand High Priest, working through his own injuries, explained to Feanthar that the Staff had chosen him to bear it forth into the world to unite the faithful and drive out the darkness. He’d never dreamed of having the kind of power or responsibility that now was constantly in his hands in the form of Heaven’s Staff. It was exhilarating, but frightening too. Actually holding It, Feanthar found that the Staff’s voice was now constantly in his mind, even when talking with others or singing with the choir. It was comforting, and he could tell it did want him to take it out into the world. The part he didn’t understand was why he had to be a Bishop to do that. He wasn’t remotely qualified for the position, but apparently the Archpriests of the Chronias Order cited divine mandate as sufficient grounds for his immediate promotion.

Feanthar sighed. Then the sound of clanking metal caused his ears to perk up. Paladins of the Mertion Order were marching down from their Cathedral to the north. They’d been particularly busy this past week, trying to figure out how the undead managed to circumvent all of the Stellan Temple’s defenses and penetrate all the way to the Illuminated Courtyard. The Mertionians were the only fully martial branch of the Church, and their primary responsibility was the defense of the Stellan Temple itself so they saw last week’s attack as their particular failure. There was someone else with them though. Their steps were lighter than the Mertionians, and their armor seemed to chime and whisper, like a river of silver instead of clanging as aggressively as the paladins’. It had to be the Northlanders the Church had hired to escort him.

Standing up to look at the approaching party, Feanthar had to blink to readjust his eyes to the light, not just of the sun but the beautiful sight before him. There was a single Northlander among the stern templar knights. A beautiful and confident woman who perfectly embodied the famous Northland fair hair and blue eyes—though her eyes reminded Feanthar more of the sky than the ice most people said the Northlanders’ eyes resembled. The paladins’ armor surrounded them protectively, but this woman’s light chain-shirt almost seemed a natural part of her she wore it so easily.

The Northlander stopped to look at Heaven’s Staff and then at Feanthar as she arrived at the Temple with the paladins. “So you’re the one the staff chose?”

Feanthar nodded, “I guess we’ll be traveling together, huh?” He winced inwardly at the squeak in his voice, but hoped his smile conveyed more comfort than he was feeling.

“Feanthar, you should come inside too. The Archpriests will have final instructions for both of you.” The head paladin spoke.

Nodding Feanthar fell into step behind the Northlander and the paladins as they entered the Stellan Temple for what would be his last time before leaving the secluded sanctuary that had been the only home he had known.


4 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day. This year’s all about friendship for me too. And chocolate!! Can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

    • davidludwig says:

      Ooo, chocolate! That’s a good thought. Still exciting to hear people are into the story–don’t tell anyone but I’m a little behind on Friday’s update… Should be caught up by then, but today I officially used up the ‘buffer’ of advance material I’d been working from.

  2. J.T. says:

    How many ranks up did he jump with that promotion? You would think he would gain some new, spiffy title for being a relic wielder.

    • davidludwig says:

      He went from Aspirant to Bishop, so he skipped one or two ranks depending on how he would have proceeded normally–and any number of sub-ranks depending on application and experience.

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