Audrey and friends fight bad monster. Bad monster lots hard, but Audrey and friends win! But bad monster work for bad sorceress. Bad sorceress come, take artifact. Bad sorceress scare Audrey big magic.

Now all Nadine’s house. House in tree, but like house on ground! Rain extra lots outside.

“Here. Hot chocolate.” Nadine gentle smile. Give hot drinks with marshmallows Audrey and Horera.

“Thanks…” Audrey very sad, but not angry any more. Horera no like Audrey angry. “What about you, Horera? You were already crying by the time you and Nadine came by my place.”

Audrey put out plate of cookies. Horera no want cookie. Drink hot chocolate, feel little better. Warm inside nice. Maybe talk now?

“Bad Man still after Horera,” Horera cough, “Find Edmund and Horera and fairies in mountains. Daddy come!” Getting hard, Horera talk faster! “Daddy make Edmund fairies and Horera run! First time Daddy make Bad Man run! Why Daddy make Horera and Edmund run? Is Daddy okay?! Pretty Fairy no come back! What if Daddy no come back!?”

Can’t talk now. Horera crying again, spill hot chocolate. Horera hold eyes in, crying too much! Nadine quick clean up hot chocolate. Then hold Horera.

“Shh-shh…” Nadine rock Horera, put chin on head. “It’ll be okay. Your dad’s going to be fine. You said he beat the Bad Man once before, right? So I’m sure he’s just fine.”

Make sense, but Horera sniffle, “But why Daddy make run? Why no stay with Daddy?”

Nadine hold Horera tighter, no answer! Horera more crying. Audrey sit apart, tight hold book.

“Maybe,” Audrey unsure, “There was something else you needed to do, while your dad fought the bad man?”

Nadine nod, “Hey, yeah! You know, I just met a little girl named Phillipa that totally reminds me of you, Horera! Her dad wants her to be as strong as she can be, so even if there was a fight she couldn’t handle he’d probably want her to do something else while the fight was being taken care of.”

“Daddy did send into Crypt of Secrets…”

Nadine grin, “I bet you’re supposed to learn the secrets from the crypt then, and your dad will probably meet you when you’re done!”

Horera feel little better, nod and tail wag, “Wan.”

Horera hug Nadine thanks. Then crawl over, hug Audrey too. Audrey glad. Horera stay with Audrey, so Audrey not so lonely. Nadine stand up by rainy window.

“I, didn’t say before how much I like your clothes.” Audrey smile up at Nadine, “They’re really smart.”

Nadine model. “Thanks! I’m really proud of the outfit. I met this woman who knew my dad back before the Reclamation, and she agrees with me that there’s no way it’s his fault! She’d managed to save nearly an entire kimono from the Reclamation, and this is what I was able to do with it!”

“Have you managed to find JC again?”

Nadine look away, “Uh, no… I, it might be better to leave him out of what I’m doing. I’m sort of an enforcer for the mob now…”

“What?!” Audrey lots surprised.

Horera ears perk up, Horera miss something?










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  1. Elsie says:

    cute Nadine outfit!! It’s sad to see Horera facing these big issues though- she seems like such a child (no offense) that it’s upsetting!

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