Nadine had always wanted to have her own house, so why not start with a literal dream home? It had everything she ever wanted, and was actually sort of laid out the same as her rooms in the Crime Lord’s tower. Audrey wasn’t impressed that Nadine was working for the mob, but she didn’t get it. The Crime Lord knew Nadine’s father, had actually seen him since the Reclamation! This was the best lead she’d found since leaving the Forest Haven, and he seemed nice enough. Plus his daughter, Phillipa, really did remind her of a purple-haired electric Horera. Technically Phillipa was a second generation Super Soldier, her mother being one of the pre-Reclamation Super Soldiers who were created as living weapons.

Sitting up in the window-sill, Nadine watched the torrential rains outside. Audrey had put her back up against the wall and was looking at the ceiling. Horera had ‘found’ a red rubber ball and was rolling it around the living room with her nose. She hadn’t quite seemed to have figured out yet the connection between when she pushed harder than usual and when the ball tried to escape. Either way she seemed to enjoy chasing it down when it did run from her.

“Do you think it’ll ever be day again?” Nadine asked.

Audrey inclined her head side to side. “Um, well, probably?”

Nadine smiled and placed a hand against the cold glass of the window. “I think so too. Maybe it’s like a big cycle. The first four times we were here it was always day, so maybe we have one more night and then it’ll be day again.”

“Maybe…” Audrey sighed, “Though, I… Well, I think it might have more to do with… It’s, night when, things aren’t going so well for us as a group.”

Nadine leaned her head back against the window frame. “What do you mean?”

“The first night was after I found out the whole tournament I’d struggled through had been a trap. And since then the ‘bad man’ has been chasing Horera, and today Elise completely trounced my entire party to take the artifact we managed to protect from her monster. Nothing nearly this bad had been happening before.”

“Bad Man make night?” Horera looked up from her ball, concerned.

Nadine glanced back at Audrey, who fielded the question. “More like, night is when things are darkest. The dream responds to our emotional states.”

Horera pursed her lips and sat back to begin processing that information—or maybe something unrelated. Nadine swung around with her back to the window and her legs hanging from the sill so she was facing the same direction as Audrey.

“Audrey?” Nadine looked over at the wizard.

“Yeah?” Audrey returned Nadine’s gaze, but her head was leaned against the wall and she looked exhausted.

“I’m sorry for coming into your room after you’d told me to go away.”

Audrey sighed, “And I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

“And for throwing your pillow at my head?” Nadine smirked.

“No, you had that one coming.” Audrey smirked back, causing Nadine to laugh.

Horera beamed and wagged her tail, “Friends.”









4 Responses

  1. Stevie says:

    I’ve been reading your story but havent had the chance to comment on them. Looks like tension is high in the dream world because they dont know why they’re there. Love the art work. Was a little suprized that the kimono was the same colors as her previous outfit… I was thinking more girly color like a light yellow to match her hair or something. Are you going to participate in nanowrimo?

    • davidludwig says:

      Well thank you for reading and taking the time to comment! I really love the artwork too, so hoping Marshintire’s school-work lets her finish Lost Girls’ Society even if a little behind schedule.
      I suppose if you design more costumes for Lost Girls’ Society you could specify what colors you wanted. Marshintire and I discussed changing the color and after some consideration decided to keep the palette the same–though I do like the idea of the more girly color.
      I’m not really doing nanowrimo, but I do intend to write a new movie script during November so maybe that’ll be participating in spirit?

  2. Stevie says:

    It certainly is! words are words whether movie or book, I will spend some time making some clothing sketches for your characters and see if you like them 🙂

  3. Elsie says:

    I don’t think Nadine should change her colors. I like her forest-y colors and design on her outfits. It’s very cool. Maybe if you get Audrey a new outfit it could be girlier- I can see her in light purple.

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