Food smell good! Sunny and warm sitting, keep food warm too. Clear sky and lots high with arches not gargoyles anymore. Make Horera want to yip, lots happy. All sit big cloth middle of front arches.

“Okay, I’ve got cheeseburgers, French-fries, and milkshakes!” Nadine lay out lots wrapped things.

“Eating healthy, I see!” Audrey laugh.

Nadine unwrap cheeseburger, “This is a celebration! We should eat what we like!”

Horera pick up cheeseburger. Smell good! How open? What Audrey have? Smell like fish, and have green stuff. Audrey fries more big Nadine’s.

“What Audrey have?”

“Fish and chips.” Audrey smile.

“Milkshake?” Nadine offer Audrey.

Audrey shake head, “Uh, no, thank you. I’ll stick with ginger ale.”

Audrey have color bottle, make cap pop off! Horera unwrap cheeseburger! Can’t talk with cheeseburger in mouth, but so good tail wag! Add fries when room.

“Guess milkshakes don’t go so well with fish.” Nadine shrug.

“Well, I’m not sure they go with burgers either.” Audrey dip fish in green stuff, “They sort of seem like a dessert to me—all the ice cream.”

“What that?” Horera point green stuff.

“Mushy peas.” Audrey offer Horera, “Would you like to try some?”

Nadine shudder, “Ew! That sounds gross!”

“It’s actually really good with the fish.” Audrey shake head.

Horera try.

“Is good.” Horera nod, “But Horera like cheeseburger!”

“Well, would you like a milkshake, Horera?” Nadine grin at Audrey.

Horera shrug, “What milkshake?”

“It’s something you drink with cheeseburgers.” Nadine watch Horera open cheeseburger two.

“Yip!” Horera nod.

“What flavor would you like?”

“Cheeseburger!” Horera throw hands up excited.

Nadine shoulders drop, “Uh, milkshakes are usually sweet flavors…”

“Like vanilla.” Audrey offer.

“Or chocolate.”

“Can Horera have chocolate?”

“She has, hasn’t she?”

“Fruit flavors are also popular.”

Horera ears perk up, “Blueberry!” Horera throw hands in air again.

There lots blueberries in mountains near beast lands.










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  1. Elsie says:

    Horera is sooo cute!!! especially in that sketch. Are we going to get color again soon??

    • davidludwig says:

      All of the black and white images will be updated to color as Marshintire has time, but for the immediate future you can expect posts to initially go up in black and white, then be colorized during vacations or times Marshintire doesn’t have to worry about as much school-work.

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