Nadine had totally pigged out! She didn’t even feel like moving anymore and somehow the dogling half her size had eaten twice as much! In comparison, Audrey had been a much daintier eater. Still it was kind of cool to be able to eat as much and whatever she wanted here in the dream, so Nadine didn’t regret taking advantage of it. Horera had recovered from her brain-freeze and moved on to her own food-coma.

“It looks like your room in your world matches the one you created here.” Audrey was standing over by one of the portals.

Nadine rolled over onto her side and propped her head on her hand. The sun felt so good, and she was so full, she actually felt like she might fall asleep. Was it possible to dream you were dreaming? Probably. Weird to watch herself sleeping though.

“Yeah, it was the first room that was actually mine—and wasn’t made in any part with living plants. I might be leaving soon though,” Nadine grinned, “That woman I told you about? Her name’s Arella Ashley, and she actually had a lead on where my dad might be! I’m heading for the ocean tomorrow.”

“That’s great!” Audrey smiled, “I really hope you find him!”

“Thanks! And congrats again on getting The Scroll of Depths. You’re on your way to beating that sorceress and getting home; I’m sure of it!”

Audrey wandered quietly to the next of the four portals closest to their picnic area. Nadine realized she didn’t actually know what Audrey was thinking, and in some ways couldn’t relate to her. But at least she was looking at the portals. Again, Nadine didn’t know how the portals worked, but she was confident that one way or another it would be Audrey that figured them out.

Audrey smiled again, “Is this the Pretty Fairy?”

Horera crawled over to the portal Audrey was pointing at. Looking from where she was laying, Nadine could see Horera curled up in a dark stone chamber with a handsome man in shining armor with a white cape. Sitting on the man’s shoulder was a beautiful blue fairy. She was amazing. Nadine had heard that there was a fairy type of daemon, but Nadine was pretty sure they wouldn’t be as beautiful as the creature on the other side of Horera’s portal.

“Arf, that Suzie.” Horera shook her head. A moment later Horera’s eyes widened with a horrified expression, “But Suzie pretty too! Just, Pretty Fairy name Al-thay-uh. Not there now.”

“I knew what you meant.” Audrey scratched Horera behind her ears.

Horera cocked her head as she pondered the scene on the other side of the portal. Pushing herself up to her feet, Nadine made her way over to the next portal.

“Hey, this one looks just like your room here!” Nadine glanced at Audrey.

Horera crawled over to look, “Audrey not in room?”

“That… That must be my room back in London.” Audrey didn’t bother coming any closer to the portal.

“I wondered why there were four portals. But hey! This is good news, right? I mean, if we figure out how these work then you really can just skip to the part where you go home! That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

Audrey had pulled her mantle around her like it was cold.

“Do you think I’ve been gone over a week in London too?” Audrey covered her mouth with a hand, “How are my parents, do you think? They don’t even know what happened to me. I just, never came home…”









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