Nadine Audrey both sad. Horera not sure why. Should cheer up.

“Go Horera’s place,” Horera nodded, “Horera host tonight.”

“I bet Horera’s place is totally cool!” Nadine smile.

Audrey smile too, “I’m curious to see what it looks like myself.”

“Browf,” Horera nod, “This way.”

Audrey place forest where Audrey wake. Nadine place tree where Nadine wake. Horera lead back to field where Horera wake. Nadine Audrey lots quiet.

Field empty? Horera cock head. Why no place? Horera said have place. Horera sniff. Maybe place hiding? Nadine Audrey look each other. Horera more sniff.


Audrey crouch by Horera, “What does your place look like, Horera?”

“Horera not know,” Horera shrug.

Nadine sad smile, “You have to know what it looks like before it’ll be here.”

Horera snort, ears droop. Is no helping if no place. Audrey have big blanket! Spread on field.

“Well, the stars are nice anyway.” Audrey lay on blanket, “Let’s stay here.”

Nadine nod, lay on blanket too. “Yeah, we can just take this dream cycle off.”

Horera circle twice, curl up between Nadine and Audrey. Watch, see if need snuggle.

“What happened today?” Audrey ask Nadine, “I, um, I think this is your night.”

Nadine sigh. Watch stars. “It’s nothing…”

Audrey take glasses off, rub face. Set glasses down watch stars. “Our ship was attacked by a kraken sent by Elise to claim the scroll. My magic is actually the only thing keeping it afloat right now.”

Nadine turn head to watch Audrey. Horera look too, but Audrey not so sad? Nadine more sad Audrey. Horera cock head. Audrey hate fighting, should be more sad?

“Together with my friends in Fantasia we were able to defeat the kraken, and we should make it to shore by morning.” Audrey continue, “Even though I’ve realized I might never get home, or even be safe ever again…”

Audrey tough words. Horera turn, ready snuggle.

“I believe in my friends,” Audrey find voice without snuggle, “and I want to believe in myself too. They all do, and they’re counting on me.” Audrey look Nadine, “And I know you guys are here for me when I dream.”

Horera turn back Nadine. Re-ready snuggle.

“I,” Nadine look back stars, “The, Crime Lord? Who knew my father? Turns out, it wasn’t a friendly association. He sold me out to the Prophets—the psychos who wanted The Reclamation to happen and don’t think anybody should have survived it.”

Nadine crying! Horera snuggle!

“Oh, Nadine…” Audrey sit up, “That’s terrible!”

Nadine more crying, hold Horera. “And, I think Ms Ashley, who gave me this kimono? I think she’s dead because she tried to help me!”









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