Pretty Fairy make best potions! Nadine okay now! Nadine Audrey lots impressed.

“Alright!” Nadine grin, “Thanks, Horera!”

“Yip!” Horera wag tail. Save lots lots today.

Audrey relieved sigh.

Nadine stand make fist, “Let’s get up to the portals! Maybe something’s changed!”

All go portals Nadine place. Nadine portal still dark. Audrey place portal no change. Audrey actual portal nice room! Lots pillows, lots fabric, and balcony then pretty stars.

“White-Wisp,” Horera point Horera portal, “Friends now. White-Wisp silver wolf. Magic.”

Horera White-Wisp sleep curled together. Away from bad priest.

“Wow, she’s beautiful!” Nadine grin.

“Yap,” Horera nod.

“Okay,” Nadine turn Audrey, “Think you can get some sort of light into my portal? Maybe if we can see where I am, we can figure something out.”

Audrey shake head, “I don’t know how to do that from this side of the portal…”

Nadine nod, “Okay, so it’s back to figuring out how to get through the portals then. Any more ideas on that front?”

“No,” Audrey tense.

Nadine turn portals, “I already know my night-vision goggles don’t help from this side either. Do you have any sort of traveling spells or anything? Something that could interact with the portal maybe?”

“No! I don’t!” Audrey stomp foot, “Why do you keep asking me? I don’t know anything about portals or traveling magic! Andromalus hasn’t taught me anything even remotely related to that!”

“Sorry,” Nadine shrug, “I was just asking. Isn’t there anything in that big book of yours, even if Andromalus hasn’t gotten to it with you yet?”

“I don’t know!” Audrey throw book Nadine’s feet! “The back pages are sealed together by magic, I’m barely half-way through and there’s no way to skip ahead! The spell to take me home is supposed to be in there, but I’m sure it’s the very last one!”

“Geez!” Nadine glance at book, “You have another bad day or something?”

“Yes!” Audrey yell, “Didn’t you? Why can’t we just leave these portals alone? They’re too depressing…”

Audrey turn back to portals.

“Well, we have to do something,” Nadine cross arms.

“Why?” Audrey glare back, “Why do we always have to do something? Why can’t, why can’t things just work out sometimes?”

Nadine deep breaths try not be angry, “Things don’t just work out, people make them happen.”

“Friends,” Horera remind.

Audrey fall sit! “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, it’s just, I can’t keep doing this. I’m trying to be strong, but it’s so hard. I know I should be better than this, I’m the oldest, I should be… better.” Audrey sad eyes, “But I’m not! I’m not as strong as either of you. No matter how much magic I learn, I’m still just me. I’m nobody. I’m just not good enough.”

“You don’t have to be,” Nadine pick up book, “not when you have friends. You’re the one who told me that.”








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