“See, when Horera tried to go through she basically ran into it,” Nadine say, “Sort of like it was closed. So I was thinking maybe the portals are locked, and if we get the key we can open them.”

Audrey shrug, “That sounds reasonable.”

Garden day not day. Audrey sad not sad. Nadine happy not happy. Horera confused.

“Where key?” Horera cock head.

“Well, where do you think it is, Horera?” Nadine smile.

Horera shrug, “Is buried?”

Nadine look Audrey, “That work?”

“Sure,” Audrey shake head, “I don’t have any better ideas.”

“Digging’s your thing, right Horera? Lead us to the key!” Nadine crouch.

“Yap!” Horera excited. Feelings all confusing now. Do something lots better.

Horera sniff ground. No know what key smell like. That okay. No scent here anyway. Horera run fast back field. Lots scents there. Maybe metal? Key probably metal.

Nadine Audrey follow back field. Ooo! Smell lots metal. Heavy old metal. Horera smell. Horera dig!

“Browf!” Horera hit big metal! Too big be key.

Nadine impressed, “Wow, big doors. You going to open them, Horera?”

Horera cock head, “Horera not know these here.”

“Right, but they probably lead to the key, right?”

“Horera not know.”

Audrey small smile, “Go ahead and open them.”

Horera pull! Doors lots heavy, but Horera open! Stairs and tunnels and lots dark behind doors.

Nadine grin, “Figures we couldn’t just find the key somewhere. Better start searching, this could take a while.”

Nadine reach up for goggles but Audrey open book.

“I’ll handle light,” Pretty colors float out of early book pages.

Pink light pick Horera! Nadine get blue and Audrey green. Horera nip pink light. Teeth go right through! Light so hard catch.

“I’ve assigned a light to each of us,” Audrey release white light, “We can send this one off to investigate if necessary.”

“Very nice,” Nadine grin, “I think this is going to be fun!”

Nadine draw bow. Horera find Guisarme-san. Audrey hold book. Lights float ready.






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  1. Antimony says:

    Finally all caught up! I’m really loving these girls, Horera is so very cute, and I hope they figure out the portals soon!

  2. Elsie says:

    Horera’s so cute!!!

  3. Elsie says:

    Horera’s so cute!!! She is definitely my favorite

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