David A Ludwig

Age: mid 20’s

Education: Bartending Certification from the Bartending Academy, Tacoma Washington
BA from The Evergreen State College, Olympia Washington

Residence: Western Washington

Interests: Characters, Story, Writing for both Entertainment and Introspection, Video Games and Role Playing


Some day I hope to actually make a living writing creatively, ideally I’d like to write scripts for movies, television or video-games. For now this website is how I’m getting my writing out to the world, because even if I can’t get paid it’s nice to at least be read and maybe even connect with others who like fantasy and story-telling as much as I do.

Or perhaps you were looking for the marvelous Marshintire, artist of the Lost Girls’ Society.

In The Works:

DARK HUNTERS: “Few individuals are truly aware of the terrors that lurk in the dark corners of our world. Fewer still effectively fight against them, they are the Dark Hunters.”

LEONA BANISHER: “A young woman carries on the Demon Hunting legacy of her legendary father, and along the way discovers the importance of friendship and love.”

MAZE WARRIOR: “A 21 year old computer programmer’s decision to help a 15 year old girl from Japan brings him into conflict with the forces of evil. As he struggles to stay true to his morals he discovers fantastic powers connected to an ancient legend.”

STARSHIP OMOIKANE: “550 years after the loss of Earth, could a run-down android be humanity’s salvation?”

TEAM NEO-SHIELDFRONT: “Follow the friendship of three young heroes as they live, play, and save their universe from evil.”

YUKI: “In a world where humans live alongside mythological spirits, a mischievous trickster spirit must seek the help of the mysterious Snow Lady in order to stop a war between the humans and the spirits that threatens to consume their world.”

Other Sites:
Facebook – I’m David Ludwig on Facebook! Definitely friend me if for some odd reason you want to hear about this site through that one. Handy that the picture is the same, eh?

Deviant Art – This is my Deviant Art Account, yes in spite of my poor visual art skills I have in fact been posting my art to the internet for over a year now. Of course it used to be anonymous so that helped.

Twitter -And I’m now on Twitter hear my thoughts and exploits! My ‘tweets’ also appear in the sidebar of this site, so if you like the random quotes there you may want to check out the backlog via Twitter. Also like Facebook, the picture is the same. Neat, huh?

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