“Hey, you coming tonight, or what?” Nadine’s voice startled Audrey.

Looking up Audrey managed a weak smile, “I was just waiting for you and Horera. And watching the water.”

Nadine turned to look at the pond too. Audrey wasn’t sure how long she’d been watching the afternoon sun glisten on the pond. The garden was so quiet tonight, so bright and calm. Audrey knew she would have to wake up and resume hunting Elise’s giant eventually, but the only thought she’d managed to form while sitting there was a wish that she didn’t have to wake up.

“Horera’s okay, right?” Nadine pulled out the iron key, “I mean, it’s pretty much day so she should be okay, right?”

Audrey’s fists balled reflexively, “I-if, I mean, it’s possible that if Horera hasn’t gone to sleep yet she isn’t affecting the dream yet either. Do you think something happened?”

“No,” Nadine quickly shook her head, “I just wish I’d checked the portals before coming, you know? I stayed up a little late, so I just expected you and Horera to be waiting for me. I’m sure Horera’s fine.”

“Horera okay,” the dogling’s little voice came from the edge of the clearing.

Horera shuffled over to join the others before stopping with a big sigh. Audrey and Nadine quickly exchanged worried glances.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Nadine crouched down next to Horera.

Horera looked up with her big brown eyes, “Horera okay.”

Audrey looked away to run a hand over her spell-book. Maybe Horera was feeling the same way Audrey was right now. She didn’t have a word for it, and Audrey had always prided herself on being good with words. She knew what she had to do, but she didn’t know if she could do it. She needed to be brave and decisive, but she was really afraid and just wanted to dream forever. Yet if anyone asked her, Audrey would tell them she was okay. She didn’t have another word for it.

After glancing between Audrey and Horera, Nadine shoved the key decisively in her pouch, “That’s it! I’m cheering you two up! My place, now!”

“What?” Audrey barely had time to grab her spell book as Nadine dragged her and Horera away by their hands.

“We’re going to get into costume, figure out what’s up, and cross between worlds tonight!”













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  1. Elsie says:

    this sounds interesting…I like the new picture up at the top of the page, by the By.DavidALudwig thing. I just got all caught up! I had about ten new installments to read.. And is the Niar in Niar Saga named because it’s rain backwards? Just curious..

    • davidludwig says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to make so many comments on your way to catching up! Really appreciate the feedback.

      As for Niar Saga… I’m going to say that yes, it’s because it’s rain backwards (though technically I didn’t have any special reason for choosing the name).

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