Nadine have tables with mirrors. Lots things, lots smell too. Horera sneeze.

“So I was thinking, if we’re going into each others’ worlds we should look good,” Nadine grab box pretty things, “You know? Just a little make-up and then some accessories or something to sort of tie us together? Look like a team.”

Audrey push glasses up, “Do we even know whose world we’re going to?”

“Well, I hooked up with JC and Phillipa again and there’s not much going on my end right now—just traveling,” Nadine take little tube out of box, “So I guess it’s between you two.”

“We’re hunting the Death Giant still,” Audrey hug book, “it doesn’t look like he’s gotten the World Scepter to Elise yet—so Elaria’s trying to find a way for us to cut him off before he reaches Magica. We haven’t caught him though.”

“Horera…” Horera not sure how explain, “Horera has save world. No know how.”

“Save it from what? The Bad Man?” Nadine glance Audrey.

“Horera not know,” Horera shrug, “Maybe? Yes? Horera Life Champion.”

“Life Champion?” Audrey sit mirror table.

Horera more shrug, “Mean world reborn Horera?”

Nadine Audrey confused. Maybe Horera explain bad. But Horera confused too. Nadine change topic.

“Anyway, I got this lipstick from Ms. Ashley that I really like,” Nadine show tube Audrey, “But was wondering if maybe you could fill in some of the other cosmetics? Not sure how much of the rest of the stuff from my world is that good. A lot was lost in the Reclamation and all that.”

Audrey shake head, “I don’t know anything about cosmetics!”

“Come on, you must have some experience, right?”

Audrey laugh until wipe eyes! “I’ve never done anything like this before!”

Nadine sigh look floor. Audrey sigh too, take off glasses.

“I, well,” Audrey take Nadine little tube, check inside color, “Once… Twice, I-I’m not very good at this sort of thing though.”

Nadine shrug, “I’m not really any good at it either, I just thought it’d be fun.”

Audrey smile, “Alright, let’s try. Do you want to put on make-up, Horera?”

Horera cock head, “Make pretty?”

Nadine nod, “Yeah, we’re all going to look pretty for going to either your world or Audrey’s.”

Horera throw hands in air, “Yip!”

Audrey Nadine figure out make-up each other first. Lots wipe off. But done look so pretty! Come to Horera.

“Okay, Horera, stick your lips out like this,” Nadine puff lips and bring little color tube.

Audrey get other things ready. Nadine run little color tube Horera’s lips.

“Arf!” Horera fall out chair, “Attacking Horera!”

Horera lips burning! Nadine hurry hold Horera’s arms, Audrey check face.

“It’s okay, Horera!” Audrey reassure, “That’s normal… It’s, what makes the color so bright.”












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