Horera whine curl tighter. Hugging metal bracelet. Bracelet gone wake up. So sleep again?

Horera sigh snuggle ground. No open eyes yet. Smell rain?

“Horera!” Audrey worry.

“Horera! Are you alright?” Nadine also worry.

Horera open eyes. Nadine Audrey fly down field. Lots worry.

“Yippie!” Horera throw hands air, “Friends!”

Nadine Audrey hug Horera. Horera lots hug back. Tail wag extra lots. No tired no hurt in dream.

“What happened to you?” Nadine look Horera for hurts, “We saw you through your portal, you were really beat-up!”

Horera curl toes in dirt, “Test Horera, see if can be Life Champion. Test lots hard.”

Sky agree angry and sudden lots rain! Nadine Horera cover heads. Audrey hide book in cloak.

Domus Repens…” Audrey make funny sounds big gesture.

Little warm house appear around Horera, Nadine Audrey. Horera can see through! Smell more strong than look. Smell fire-warm blanket. Horera shake out. Nadine laugh. Rain come down lots more hard, like big curtain.

“So, are you alright?” Audrey sit bench hard see like house. “If it’s just a test, you’re not really in danger, right?”

Horera shrug. Stick head out window! Not all solid!

“You looked really injured,” Nadine pet Horera, still looking for hurts.

Horera hug Nadine, “Horera okay. Pretty Fairy heal, Horera just want sleep.”

Audrey shake head, hiding things in cloak. “That’s just terrible, why would anyone put you through that sort of test?”

“World dying,” Horera hold feet, “Only Horera fix. Only fix if beat Bad Man.”

Nadine hug Horera, “And you have to do it by yourself?”

“Friends help,” Horera frown, “But Daddy no allowed in test. Fairies say Daddy time passed, but other friends take test with Horera. Why Daddy no allowed?”

Audrey shake head push up glasses, “I don’t know…”

“Man, that’s hard,” Nadine sigh. “How are you handling all that responsibility?”

“Woof,” Horera sigh too, “Is hard. But lots friends, and see Daddy between. Horera okay. Just tired.”

“So are you in a battle for your entire world too, Audrey?” Nadine sad smile.

“No, it shouldn’t come to that,” Audrey spread cloak, have lots pretty stick with book. “We got the World Scepter from the death giant.” Audrey lots smile, “We have the advantage now. I, I’ll still have to face Elise eventually, but now only one of the three relics is in her hands.”

“Yippie!” Horera go fast Audrey and hug, “Yip! Yip! Audrey!”

“Way to go, Audrey!” Nadine big smile.









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