Audrey was already striding through the sun-dappled forest toward the lake by the time she felt the cool metal of the charm bracelet settling back around her wrist. Really, with her level of magic there had to be a way to at least recreate the bracelet in Fantasia. She hadn’t figured one out yet, and it would be a difficult question to ask Andromalus since she hadn’t told him about these dreams in general. They understood one another better now, but Andromalus could still be pretty overbearing and it was nice to have somewhere she could retreat from him.

Shifting her spellbook to one hand, Audrey shaded her eyes with the other as she stepped out into the bright clearing. Audrey smiled as her eyes adjusted, seeing Horera and Nadine arrive at the same time.

“Hey! Great timing!” Nadine laughed.

“Yap,” Horera agreed with a nod.

“Things must be looking up,” Audrey smiled, glancing up at the bright sun.

Nadine continued to grin, “I think so! JC, Phillipa and I went with my Dad into this alternate dimension. I’m sure I know how to travel between worlds now!”

Continuing forward, all three met at the center of the clearing by the pond.

“Yip! Go Nadine world?” Horera hopped excitedly.

“Uh,” Nadine rubbed the back of her neck, “We’re kind of in a weird situation right now. Like, there’s no ground or anything and it’s kind of hard to navigate. I think it’d be better to go to one of your worlds.”

Audrey smiled and pushed her glasses back higher on her nose, “Well, I’m not sure how pleased Andromalus would be about the two of you appearing unexpectedly in his tower.”

“You’re in your cat’s tower?”

Audrey noticed Horera stifle a little yip at the mention of the cat. “Yes, we’re now in Magica Valley—the wellspring of all magic in Fantasia. We had to battle Elise’s dragon to get in.”

“A dragon?” Nadine crossed her arms and gave a low whistle.

Horera’s eyes were wide, “Dragons lots big lots powerful!”

Audrey nodded, feeling butterflies in her stomach all over again, “And I wasn’t even scared! For the most part. I, my magic is so powerful! And my friends in Fantasia are amazing. I, I think we might actually be able to beat Elise now.”

Nadine put a hand happily on Audrey’s shoulder, “That’s great, Audrey!”

“Yip! Yip! Audrey!” Horera latched around Audrey’s waist with her tail whipping excitedly.

“So why don’t we check out Horera’s world?” Nadine grinned.












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