All walk Nadine place. Only Audrey have wing boots, and Audrey walk anyway. Hard not go fast, but Horera walk too.

“Horera friends good too,” Horera nod Audrey Nadine. “And is more friends and more friends. Every day.”

“So the tests to become the Life Champion are going better?” Nadine smile.

Horera shrug, “Browf. Is still hard, but less worry. Friends help lots.”

Get on elevator. Start go up Nadine place.

“I suppose we’ll still be going to Terra,” Audrey hug book, “and just add to Horera’s growing number of friends there?”

Nadine shrug, “Or maybe we go to London and see where you came from originally?”

Audrey look away lots sad! Cold wind come same time. Horera cock head.

“Audrey sad?”

“No, I just… I,” Audrey shake head, sad smile. “I don’t think I can go home right now.”

“Why not?” Nadine ask.

Elevator reach Nadine place. Little stairs and little stairs and ladder go portals.

Audrey sigh, “I’m needed in Fantasia, and if I go home now I don’t think I could leave again.”

Nadine sigh too, “I didn’t think about that… It’s still really hard for you, being away from home. Isn’t it?”

Audrey nod. Horera sigh too. Nothing say though. All climb to portals. Horera go first. Look back Audrey second.

“Is Audrey go home soon?”

Audrey is more sigh, “I, I don’t know.”

Nadine up last, “You just need to defeat Elise to fix everything and go home, right? And you said you thought your team could beat her now.”

Audrey roll boot-toe on ground, “Well, I only said I thought we might be able to beat her now. Her tower is right across from Andromalus’, maybe thirty minutes walking. At most. Now that we’re so close, it doesn’t feel real anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Nadine cross arms.

“I’m not a wizard!” Audrey laugh, “I’ve never seriously believed things like gnomes or dragons really existed… Now that things are finally looking up it just feels like another dream.”

“Audrey wizard,” Horera sit, look up Audrey. “Gnome real. Dragon real.”

Nadine laugh, “Yeah, and this dream is real too.”












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