Level 06 ~ Sheya

She should have brought Gratsky, Jorge, Kel and Ripper with her. That would’ve been more the force the Stellan Temple was expecting. A more appropriate force for the contract. But, Sheya smiled to herself as she walked ahead of the now-bishop into the cool shadow of the World Forge Mountains. All things considered, it had gone well at the Temple. It was important for repeat business that the Church not spend any resources they hadn’t counted on, but now that she and this Feanthar were underway she was feeling comfortable that her father’s decision wouldn’t cost them future business with the Church.

It was obvious Feanthar had only recently been promoted; he didn’t display the experience or wisdom of a Church elder. Actually he seemed rather quiet and reserved. Though he’d been tense since meeting her. Sheya didn’t really care why, as long as he didn’t lock up completely it might make her job a little easier if he was a bit jumpy. Body-guarding missions weren’t her favorite, the subject could be too much of a wild card to adequately plan ahead. Following the intention of the contract, she’d actually probably be better able to keep the Staff safe if she carried it; but the letter of the contract was important too. Her official mission was to protect Feanthar and the Staff, even if half the old men in that office had only cared about the Staff.

Sheya could feel Feanthar’s eyes on her as they made their way down toward the caves that provided the surest route down into Landis from the Sacred Plateau. She could also feel him look away again for several minutes before watching her again for a minute and repeating the whole cycle. She’d pegged him as the talkative type when they met, but since leaving the Temple neither of them had really said much. It was okay with her, but she was a little curious if she’d misread him. At least he wasn’t looking back at the Temple as often anymore. She’d seen his type before. Cloistered. This probably wasn’t going to be a very easy trip for him, but again if it made him cautious that’d just make things easier for her.

She was carrying most of their supplies. The weight made her feel the firm earth and the boulder strewn terrain they were entering a little more deeply than she normally would. She kept her cord-and-dagger out on her belt to compensate for the hit to her agility. She’d prefer to fight with her batons, but if something threatened the priest and she couldn’t get there in time the cord-and-dagger’s reach would be important. As the ground got harder under foot, she knew they were getting close to the cave entrance. Sheya felt Feanthar stop behind her just before she felt the presences past the boulders ahead of her.

“Hand over everything you’ve got, and we’ll let you go back the way you came in one piece.” Four grizzly bandits stepped out from their hiding spots, swords drawn and sneering.

“Bandits?” Feanthar seemed to be asking Sheya for guidance, but then continued on his own, “Why take from others? Surely there is some way we can talk this out; preying on others can’t be what you really want to do with your lives!”

The bandits glanced at one another and got a good laugh out of Feanthar’s naiveté. Sheya could also feel that Feanthar was clutching Heaven’s Staff tightly behind her. Fortunately the bandits didn’t seem any more religious than her and didn’t appear to have identified the Staff without the context of expecting it. Though they could clearly now see that it was valuable.

Sheya smiled as all the bandits stepped forward to attack positions. They’d all have to go through her to get anywhere near Feanthar. She slid Mere and Luna from their holsters at her hips and, with them in hand, felt her fighting reach.

“This is your chance to run away, if you think it will help.” Sheya taunted.


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  1. J.T. says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the bandits are about the have a bad day?

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