Audrey make mist come together big fluffy squishy circle. Is go up through other mist. When Horera dig, is wet!

“Horera!” Audrey worry, “Don’t dig! We’re already quite high in the air!”

Horera sit. Pat fluffy cloud back together. Cloud is make benches for Nadine Audrey.

“Horera, what did you mean earlier when you said you were on fire?” Nadine lean forward.

“When awake,” Horera nod. “Life Champion is take Earth Test, Wind Test. Today Fire Test. Horera catch fire.”

Nadine Audrey wince lots.

“Are you okay?” Audrey ask.

“Yap, Pretty Fairy make all better. Water just nice,” Horera nod.

“If you say so,” Nadine lean back.

Then get above mist! Sun warm and snuggly! And bright! Horera sneeze! Mist like clouds all down below, all white. Only circle cloud and portal place above mist level. Sky so blue and pretty!

“Yip! Yip!” Horera hop excited, “We flying! So high! Look! Look! See lots far!”

Audrey Nadine laugh.

Nadine smile close eyes, “Yeah, I love high places.”

Audrey make glass table middle circle cloud. Horera watch. Nadine open eyes.

“So are you manipulating the dream, or is this magic?” Nadine ask.

Table lots pretty. Audrey smile.

“Well, I could do this in Fantasia these days—but it would take a little longer,” Audrey push glasses up. “So a little of both, I guess?”

“That is so cool!” Nadine grin.

“Yip!” Horera wag tail, “Lots cool! Horera bad flying, no even cloud walk. But White Wisp say maybe teach cloud walk!”

Nadine look back Audrey, “Okay, now how about that stuff you figured out about the portals?”

Audrey set book side, “Well, it turns out that Magica itself protects the mystic towers constructed there—so Elise’s tower is too fortified for us to have any chance of breaking in. That’s what got me researching portals in earnest.”

“Diamond no think Horera can learn cloud walk,” Horera pick toes.

“Oh! Sorry,” Nadine turn Horera, “Were you not done?”

“Horera done.” Horera want know portals, just think Diamond.

“Okay,” Nadine turn back Audrey, “So?”

Audrey wait, then smile, “Well, actually if you think about it our problem should have been pretty obvious from the beginning.”












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