Nadine had always had a sense that Audrey would be the one to figure out the portals. Though as cool as this trip above the clouds was, Nadine wished Audrey would stop teasing and get to the point!

“Actually, I guess I figured it out last night when Horera was able to go through her portal, but you weren’t.” Audrey smoothed her skirt and adjusted her position on her cloud bench.

“Horera was confused,” Horera pouted, “And no more dream when re-sleep.”

“So, what? We can only go to our own worlds?” Nadine crossed her arms. That just didn’t sound right.

“Well, not exactly,” Audrey tilted her hand back and forth, “You see, the problem has always been that we’re not actually here. It’s just a dream, and our bodies are still back in the worlds we wake up in.”


Audrey sighed and leaned forward, “Well, just our minds—and our unconscious minds at that—come here when we dream. That’s why I imagine any of us could use the portals to go back to where we’re sleeping, because our bodies are already there.”

“Horera confused,” the dogling scratched her head.

“Anyway,” Audrey conjured a hologram of the portal platform on the table in the center of their cloud, “I think the part you’ll be interested in is how we can make the portals work. You see, I’m pretty sure that by connecting the portal where our bodies are to another portal would allow us to physically cross into each other’s worlds by means of this dream.”

Audrey illustrated a few examples with lit paths connecting portals in her hologram until even Horera claimed to get it.

“But, how do we connect the portals?” Nadine frowned.

Audrey produced a heavy looking blue velvet bag, “With the specially prepared powdered silver in this bag. You just draw an unbroken line with it from the portal where you’re sleeping to the portal of the world you want to cross into. After that it is the mindset thing you told us about last night, only you have to remember that you’re traveling from the where ever you’re sleeping, not from this dream itself.”

“Awesome!” Nadine reached into Audrey’s bag and removed a pinch of the silver powder to roll between her thumb and forefinger. “So let’s finally do it! Is Horera’s world still our best option? I mean, we’re really kicking some daemon ass on my side—but our situation’s still sort of navigationally weird.”

Horera sniffed the bag and sneezed, “Horera no go first this time.”

“Why don’t we hold off on actually testing it?” Audrey sat back with a sigh, “See, tonight I actually fell asleep in the book on portals… I’d like to finish it, and re-evaluate when I’m more alert. Just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Nadine sighed, but dusted her hands back into the bag, “Alright, but I really want to do this.”

“Tomorrow night, I promise.”

“Then tonight we celebrate!” Nadine grinned, producing a bowl of her and her Dad’s favorite gummy-snacks for the table in the center.













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