“Is Audrey no coming?” Horera cocked her head to look up at Nadine.

Nadine crossed her arms with a frown, “I don’t know… Let’s go check the portals.”

“Wan,” Horera nodded.

Soon they were on the portal platform high above the dream garden, looking through the portal to Fantasia for signs of their friend. Instead they saw Audrey’s friends from Fantasia frantically scouring a fantasy tower.

“Something’s not right,” Nadine frowned deeper.

“Is where Audrey?”

“I don’t know,” Nadine hefted the blue-velvet bag of powdered silver, “But we’re going to find out!”

Nadine laid the silver down thick to ensure an unbroken line between Horera’s portal and Audrey’s.

“Horera no going first,” Horera sat down and crossed her arms, “Wake no come back last time.”

Nadine sighed and laid an additional line down between her own portal and Audrey’s. “All right, but after I’m in, remember you’re going all the way from Terra to Fantasia, the silver’s just the road through the dream.”


Squaring off with the portal to Fantasia, Nadine narrowed her eyes, “This time…” Nadine took off at a sprint and leapt through the portal. “It’ll work!”

“Browf?” Horera looked around for signs of Nadine before spotting her on the other side of Audrey’s portal, “Yip! Yip! Yip!”

Dashing on all fours, Horera followed Nadine into Andromalus’ elegant tower. Starlight filtering in through the leaded windows seemed amplified to drive out all shadows. Stopping next to Nadine, Horera cocked her head and examined those standing in front of them.

“Who are you?” A bright eyed and tawny-haired gnome in leather armor uncoiled his whip warily.

A tall woman with blue skin and darker blue dreadlocks crackled with electricity as she considered Nadine and Horera. Finally a falcon circled overhead with a piercing gaze, and a black cat yowled either shock or outrage.

“Cat!” Horera’s eyes widened gleefully and her tail began wagging even as she coiled to spring.

“We’re Audrey’s friends!” Nadine stepped forward, arms spread. “Where is she?”

“Oh,” Horera deflated, “Yap, where Audrey?”

Groaning at the further protestations of the cat, the gnome rubbed his face, “And how did you get into this tower?”

“Audrey told us how to use the portals to get here! Now where is she?”

“We do not know,” the tall blue woman shook her head. “She just, disappeared.”

Horera sniffed curiously, “Audrey?”

After one more good sniff, Horera took off on all fours scrambling for the highest level of Andromalus’ tower, the others following close behind. Racing up stairs and through winding hallways, Horera finally slid to a stop in a dusty chamber where a shaggy grey wolf was sitting staring at an old golden-framed mirror.

“There,” Horera pointed to the mirror. “Audrey there.”

“I’m terribly sorry,” Audrey pulled dangling hair back behind her ear as she emerged from the mirror in a flash of light. “It looks like I’ve worried all of you a great deal.”












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  1. All caught up with LGS now, glad they finallly figured out the portals! But where has Audrey been? (Will read the Niar Saga this weekend, so I can vote in your poll)

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