Andromalus Tower magic like fairies! No alive like fairy court, but lots magic. Is books and stone and wood and lots magic. Always is what cat wants it be. Is hard no chase cat, instead all sit study. Food is come flying plates.

“I think I’ve gotten the hang of magical portals,” Audrey explain. “The mirror provides the focus we need in order to enter Elise’s tower.”

Cat is Andromalus. Andromalus purr. Gnome is Yezen. Yezen look Andromalus then Audrey.

“Yes,” Audrey nod Andromalus, “I, I do think I could get myself home now.”

Audrey smile Nadine Horera. Nadine smile back, Horera nod. Horera catch chicken plate! Big grey wolf is Jordan. Jordan no talk. Jordan no eat. Jordan smell like wolf once not wolf. Horera no know much Jordan. Do know Audrey is Jordan alpha. Like Horera White-Wisp and Diamond alpha. Jordan lots old though—Horera surprised still have most teeth.

Yezen cross arms, “Well, great then! So when are we making the raid on Elise’s Tower?”

“Yeah!” Nadine pound fist hand, “I want to do something while we’re here!”

Audrey frown, push glasses up, “Well, I still haven’t slept today…”

Blue lady is Zedarra. Zedarra catch little plate with tea cup. Sip tea.

“Elise is a formidable opponent,” Zedarra sip tea, “We should face her as close to peak strength as we possibly can.”

Hawk is Elaria. Elaria agree Zedarra, Yezen translate. Horera understand dog feeling, but Yezen understand all animal talk. Yezen lots cool!

“I guess Elaria’s right, you two look especially tired,” Yezen look Nadine Horera.

“What?” Nadine rub eye.

Horera lots yawn! Find Audrey, eat chicken, now is warm is sleepy. Andromalus grumble, flick tail Horera.

“Andromalus says he supposes you could have beds here to rest,” Yezen translate.

Nadine shake head wake. Horera curl on floor. Warm.

“Why? Why are we so tired? I felt fine in the garden!”

“Long day?” Audrey smile, “You’re not dreaming anymore, your body’s really awake and your sleep has been interrupted.”

Nadine rub face both hands, “Great…”

“If you have things you need to be rested for, I’d better send you both back to your worlds,” Audrey lift book.

“Horera is face last test morning,” Horera mumble.

Nadine frown, “We’re hitting the Prophets’ stronghold tomorrow… I guess I’d better be rested.”












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